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Hey there everyone!

I wanted to make this thread here after dealing with folks from the TLS forums.

I'm a recent UC Santa Cruz grad, with a 3.35 and 155 LSAT. I do have a feeling I could have done better (closer to 160), but the dynamics with my family and other complicated matters are essentially making me go through with law school this upcoming fall. So I wanted to get thoughts here as the tone and information seems more balanced and respectful than at TLS.

I've gotten into SCU with a 30k scholarship (haven't asked for more yet), USF with 63k or so, SLU with half tuition, and Case Western with no scholarship yet (but I'm appealing). I'm waitlisted at W&L and waiting on Hastings.

The only reason I'm not really thinking of going to SCU is because I strongly prefer focusing on healthcare law than IP. I'm from the East Bay area in California though :)

Right now I'm 90% sure on going to SLU unless W&L or Hastings accept me. And I'm aware of scholarship stipulations (SLU has the best one at maintaining just above a 2.1 I believe). My dream is to also practice around the Bay Area, but I realize if I go to SLU, with its top health law program, I may be stuck around St. Louis for a few years (especially since I'd be doing a JD/MHA rather than just a JD).

But yeah, I would love to hear people's thoughts on whether I'm making a wise decision. I'm just tired of the T14 or bust attitude on TLS; I would rather focus on my accomplishments and future potential than my shortcomings with the LSAT.

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