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Current Law Students / In Need of Serious Help!
« on: February 25, 2015, 02:12:35 PM »
Hey guys,

I am new to this site but really need some anonymous advice.  Here is my dilemma: I am a non-traditional law student in my 3rd year of law school.  When I was 18 years old, I went to my local community college for one semester but dropped out.  About a year later, I joined the military and did 4 years. When enlisting in the military, I didn't even put that college down when doing the paperwork.  From that point on, there was nothing to even suggest that I went to school there, and no paper trail whatsoever.  The only people who know I went there are the school and my parents.  To be completely honest, I only omitted that school when signing up for the military because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting the transcripts.  Fast forward to 4+ years later, and I had all but forgotten my 2 month experience in community college.  Once I got out of the military, I went to two different colleges and didn't even think to tell either of them about the community college.  I then completed my B.S. Sociology, applied to law school, listed the two schools I attended after the military, got accepted, and here I am in my third year of law school.  So, I just happened to be hanging out with a few of my law school buddies and we were talking about the bar exam.  They mentioned that if you were dishonest about anything on your law school application then its your ass.  Naturally, this got me paranoid so I started going back through my application to see if there was anything that I did wrong.  My stomach dropped when it hit me that the school I attended almost 13 years ago wasn't on my application.  I have not told anyone due to my paranoia, not even my friends (which is why I am on here).  I do not know what to do and am petrified that if I do come clean about my mistake, then I could even have my undergrad degree put into question.  I just would like to know what you guys would do in my situation.  My knee jerk reaction was to come clean, but I also realize that nobody but the school I attended 13 years ago knows I was there. Sorry about the long post, and thanks in advance. 

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