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« on: February 08, 2015, 11:51:09 PM »
There are two rules of settlement with the saddle obligation in Poland just with development or our takings is exempt from dues and the belief of correlated inference (the gains is taxed in Poland). These rules apply to the elementary forms of hire, such as not. End friends working abroad. Divulge us therefore divers European countries in which we exploit and what sort of weigh down in Poland us then applies: Belarus (released), Czech Republic (released), pit 2015   Denmark (taxed), France (released), Greece (released), the Netherlands (taxed), Ireland (released), Iceland (taxed), Lithuania (released), Italy (released), United Kingdom (released), on the internet you commitment get back a satiated steppe of stage taxation of 19 April 2010. cosmopolitan Concord forceful us that concerns us balanced deduction requires us we in the tax year in Poland also scrawled takings from near (all things considered printed T-36 and Annex T / ZG). When it comes to cess countdown, here, we want to count it. We deduct tax in the territory in which the equate earning no more than the contribution that we clear in Poland. Muse on that the octroi revert from far is also taxed in Poland. Reimbursement is added to all revenues received from abroad. DITCH / ZG is needed in the Annex to assess returns: PIT-36, PIT-36L, T-38 and T-39. We basic to seize it one at a time to each encumbrance come if you obtain several. The compulsion to compel printing depends of course on the mother country of origination of our income. Foreigners working in Poland does not possess the devoir to make the PIT / ZG. Printing is made separately for each surroundings in which we received earnings.

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