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Okay so I received my LSAT score and I did not feel confident about my score walking out of the LSAT but I never imagined doing this bad! I would score low 150's in my diagnostic tests I guess the nerves just got the best of me. Nevertheless, I want to go to law school in San Diego. I am planning to apply to Cal Western, Thomas Jefferson, and USD school of law. I know with my score I may have no other choice but to retake the Feb LSAT but do I have a shot at any of these three law schools? Any input would be appreciated thanks!

Okay so I have been very stressed out about what law school to ultimately pick. I love the idea of going to law school in SD and I would not mind residing there permanently if i get offered an employment opportunity. However, I am currently living in LA and I have a great job in a top immigration law firm whose offering me an associate position once I finish law school. If I stay here in LA I would do the part time program so that I can still work in the morning. So far, only Loyola and Southwestern offer a part time afternoon program which is where I intend to go if I stay here in LA. However, something keeps pulling me towards SD. I am not sure what to do anymore! I just submitted my applications I have a 3.6 GPA and received a 162 in the LSAT so i'm sure my opportunities of getting into either are pretty decent. Any input would help thanks!

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