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Hi, everybody. I'm new to this forum. I wanted to know if I would be considered an "Underrepresented Minority" or URM by LSAC standards. I belong to a minority group from Central Asia, that is very underrepresented in America (there's less than 100,000 of us in the US altogether). I am Jewish, and I come from a country that was part of the former USSR. I came here when I was 3 as a religious refugee, seeking religious freedom. My native languages are Russian and a dialect of Persian. There are a lot of lawyers within my community, but not many go to top notch schools (any of the tier one schools for example) so my ethnic group would be underrepresented in those schools. So what do you guys think? Am I considered an underrepresented minority by LSAC standards? Please leave your answers in the poll above, and leave explanations below. Thanks!

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