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I have worked in medical research for 3 years as a research assistant since graduating with a BS in psychology. Since then I have 4 publications in medical journals and one forensic journal. Also have 3 poster presentations (psychology related). Also have worked in 3 other research labs doing various medical/psychology research. 2 exceptional letters of recommendation, 3rd mediocre one (person only knew me for 1 year).  Undergrad 3.3, have yet to take the LSAT.

Was planning to go for my PhD after working for 2 years but was very conflicted and decided to take another year to work and make up my mind. After losing interest in academia law looks to be a better fit.

I am relying on the strength of my research/work experience but am not sure exactly how good that looks. For a PhD my experience makes me a strong candidate however I am not sure how valuable it will be for law.

For top 14 programs, how do I look? I realize the LSAT is a wildcard but am trying to get a realistic idea of what to expect.

Thank you.

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