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Is there an accepted procedure if you change your mind about having accepted a law school's scholarship offer?  For instance, if law school X offers a scholarship with a reply deadline that comes before you can visit law school Y (a school that also is high on your list), is it OK to send law school X the Intent to Enroll form and then later withdraw if you change your mind because you prefer law school Y once you've seen it? This is a sticky situation, because otherwise you either have to stick with law school X without having seen Y or give up the scholarship from law school X because the deadline is too early to make a fully informed decision (after April 1 but before other law school visits).  Does it look bad to do this? Do other law schools require that you withdraw if you've accepted at one?  I know you can ask for a decision extension but this letter made it clear they weren't interested in extending their deadline. Thanks for any guidance1

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