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Law School Admissions / High School Student with an Interest in Law
« on: March 10, 2014, 03:06:46 PM »
Judging by the patterns on this website, I doubt I'll receive a reply anytime soon, but that's fine. Any feedback is encouraged and welcomed. I know this is obnoxiously lengthy, sorry. I just don't want to have to clarify things at a later point. The important parts are in bold.

My circumstance is this: I'm a graduating high school senior with an acute interest in studying law. My plight is this: the internet has serious discouraged me from attempting a JD. I am curious if I should ignore the general trend or if I should become intimate with a different field that isn't labeled as "dying." I would hate to be the remorseful person who ruled herself "above" getting duped by a broken system as much as I would hate to be the naive imbecile who plunged herself waist deep into unnecessary debt for a bad job.

As far as demographics are concerned, I am a white female from a low-income background. My performance in high school was certainly not anything to boast about, but I would like to think that I have proven in the past four years that I have a particular aptitude for oral/written communication skills and critical reasoning (both of which have led me to contemplating the pursuit of law).

Though I have not really achieved anything worth mentioning, I'll still attend an Honors College at a Tier-1 state university in the fall and graduate without having to take out any loans (as a commuter, my scholarship and Pell Grant cover my tuition/fees with a decent surplus). Because I live in a huge, yet inexpensive, city with good interning prospects (and all that jazz), I know that I can build a good resume and sustain a considerable amount of volunteer hours on top of engaging in collegiate organizations. My biggest concern is maintaining a solid GPA (as that was my weak point in high school), but surely enough effort can guarantee me a 3.8 in a non-math/science degree.

Clearly no one can estimate their LSAT score, but I've been told that scoring a 700 on the SAT Critical Reasoning usually correlates with a 169-173 on the LSAT (and I scored a 730 in the SAT CR, a 750 in the writing with minimum studying and no classes). So, let's say with enough preparation, I am probably capable of scoring around a 170 or maybe just within the aforementioned range.

I'm currently considering a major in either Political Science or Chinese studies (with language concentrations in Mandarin and Vietnamese). But honestly, I'm not sure if they're really bad course studies or not, so I'm open to switching. I'm in a bad position for undergrad because I can't major in anything useful (like science or math). I think the highest level math class I'm capable of making an 'A' in is College Algebra. Yeah, and though I'm suited for it, I'm averse to majors in Business related fields.

With all that said, does anyone have any recommendations or words of warning? Like, what should I major in as an undergraduate? If law is a bad idea for someone with no familial connections? Would I get good financial aid packages on the basis of need at top schools (esp. considering my family will almost certainly never make over $40,000/year in the next 4 years and that I will be a full-time student working jobs for minimum wage)? What about niches in law? What law schools should I be preparing for?

Again, if you take the time out of your day to advise me, I am very grateful. Thank you.

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