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Law School Admissions / My Chances w/ Georgetown? Any advice?
« on: February 27, 2014, 09:00:54 PM »
Hi everyone!

I currently have a 3.81 GPA (hoping to improve that) and my practice LSAT score was a 173. I am also involved in extra curricular organizations, have done a few internships, and am an African-American female. I am working on raising my GPA & LSAT score. I would love to attend Georgetown Law school. If I keep my GPA up and do well on the LSAT, do I have a good chance of being accepted? Also, what other schools would any of you recommend I look into with my scores? I am trying to be realistic, I doubt I'd get into Harvard but I would like to make it into a 'great' Law School.

If anyone has any other advice to lend, I am definitely open to it!

Thank you for any help! I also apologize that this is kind of vague, first time posting.

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