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Current Law Students / DocketHero - Tasks for Lawyers + Beer Money
« on: January 21, 2014, 01:10:29 PM »
(With permission from Mr. Sinclair)

Hi everyone:

We are going to start a private beta for soon.

WTF is DocketHero?

DocketHero will be a marketplace for lawyers/law firms to delegate one-off tasks and possibly ongoing projects.
We call it a B2B because we don't want to be confused with other startups that are trying to connect lawyers with clients. Instead, we want them to connect with heroes (service providers) who can make their lives easier.

We think(hope) lawyers will enjoy engaging with a pool of law students for tasks like legal research, memo writing, doc review...even court running.

Why might lawyers care?

Lawyers are busy, staff is expensive (and sometimes inefficient). It's simple enough to say "Hey lawyer, why don't you find someone who can take on occasional tasks?"

Well...most lawyers are either too busy or too lazy to even locate that kind of help.

On the other hand, if a willing & eager hero posts an offer, it might just reduce enough friction for the lawyer to think - why not?


What's in it for me?

Experience (piecemeal), occasional handshakes with potential employers, beer money. This is not a place to find free interns.

I hope you find some value in what we're trying to accomplish.

(See also: A better explanation on our tumblr ( if you want to be part of our private beta notification list.
(We will be private beta until the site is populated enough in most geographical locations.)

If it's not for you, but you know someone who might want to hear about it, please share the URL or...

Twitter @dockethero

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