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Law School Admissions / Need help with ECs
« on: January 11, 2014, 06:06:18 PM »
One thing that I'm having some trouble with is getting some unbelievable ECs, because that's where I'm the weakest right now. I rather not speak about my GPA yet, but I want to focus more on wowing the people that are going to read my application or interview me if I do manage to get in. I'm not asking people to choose ECs for me, but I would like to know if there is any ECs in particular that is more valued and a "gold mine" for applicants (such as joining peace corp, missionary work, etc.).

All I have to offer is I run a martial arts association at my school where I teach newcomers in various art forms, I'm on the school's "spirit squad" (mascot actually), I was involved with the engineering department in constructing a "soccer machine" for several physically disabled children, I was a assistant to the chairman of the children's section of my local library where I helped planned events, I am a part time amateur comic artist and photographer (I have a site, but I don't want to share it right now), I tutored various students in English and History, and I have worked with some churches and a mosque in blood drives in my community. I feel like this isn't enough to convince anyone that I'm law school worthy and I would REALLY appreciate it if someone can critique me (please do, because I want to impress anyone that reads this!). In addition, please let me know if there is anything the admissions of any school in general is looking for.

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