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Choosing the Right Law School / Weird split, looking for some advice
« on: December 26, 2013, 07:03:37 PM »
Hello all,

I'm a splitter from a UC (2.8 cumulative GPA) that made some bad decisions during the latter half of my undergraduate career. I tarnished my 3.8 major GPA (in Philosophy) to a 2.8 cumulative after thinking it would be a good idea to spend my Junior and Senior years competing with Pre-Med gunners in make-or-break hardcore sciences.

All those C's in Pre-Med cost me dearly, in effect, and I have a useless degree that I believe is not representative at all of how I would do in Law School. Regardless, there are no excuses, and I have something else to help me...a 170 LSAT. My softs: starting my own advertising business with ample pro bono work in the interim and working as a community organizer.

My question is, do I have a chance anywhere in Southern California? What are my chances in Texas? WUSTL? Given my odd split? Can it be explained away or does the adcom's computer algorithm unmercifully defenestrate me into a sea of 1s and 0s?

FWIW, I plan on adding an addendum to my application explaining my absolutely masochistic decision to ruin my GPA.

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