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Choosing the Right Law School / SMU or GSU?
« on: February 07, 2005, 03:21:58 PM »
I've been accepted to SMU and I expect to get accepted to GSU.  Normally, I wouldn't think twice about which school to pick.  SMU is the better ranked school; I love Dallas; employment prospects in Dallas are good; weather is nice (IMO); and there is lots to do.

However, I have a lot of personal variables that are pushing me to chose GSU.  The primary variable is that Atlanta would be closer to me and my wife's family while Dallas is extremely far from both.  Also, we have a lot of friends within close driving range of Atlanta, but we hardly no anyone in Dallas.

I know both cities have lots to do and decent employment prospects.  I just have the following concerns and am looking for feedback to help me make this decision.

-Atlanta's crime rate
-Employment prospects coming out of GSU (competition from Emory grads vs. little to no competition in Dallas)

Thanks for any thoughts!

Choosing the Right Law School / Atlanta vs. Dallas
« on: January 20, 2005, 04:46:42 PM »
If you were going to choose between going to school in Atlanta or Dallas, which would you choose and why?  Keeping in mind that the decision would most likely impact where you would be living for in indefinite amount of time.

General Off-Topic Board / Anybody Speed Read?
« on: January 20, 2005, 04:29:54 PM »
I was just wondering if anyone speed reads and what your thoughts on that are going into law school.  I went to a private school as a kid that had a speed reading program, and at my highest point I was able to read 1500 words per minute with a 90% comprehension.  For the most part, the ability to speed read has been very good for me.  However, I see it potentially being a problem in law school.  For example, I noticed that it usually cost me 2-3 questions on my practice LSATs because I would read the passage so fast that I would miss a minor detail that would cause me to miss the question.

I'm sure I'm going to have to find a way to slow my reading down a bit, but I never imagined it would be a problem until recently.  Anyone have the same experiences/concerns?

Law School Admissions / What should I do?
« on: December 13, 2004, 06:35:00 PM »
I just got a rather large scholarship offer from one of my safeties, but it states that I have to send in the acceptance letter by 1/7/05 or else they will assume that I am rejecting the scholarship.  I expect that I won't hear back from all of my schools to at leat February or March.  I don't want to commit myself to this school unless I get rejected at most of the other schools that I applied to. 

My question is, how does it look if I accept and then back out later if I get accepted to one of my more desirable schools?  More importantly, can I even do that?  I'm not legally binding myself to the school if I send in the acceptance, am I?

Choosing the Right Law School / Thoughts on Memphis...
« on: December 09, 2004, 12:40:09 PM »
I applied to Memphis as one of my safety schools, but I don't know much about the city.  I'm just looking for thoughts as to what kind of city it is and what kind of career prospects I can anticipate if I end up going there.

Choosing the Right Law School / Any Info on Barry in Orlando?
« on: December 01, 2004, 03:53:56 PM »
I received a brochure and scholarship offer from Barry University in Orlando today.  Prior to receiving their mail, I had never heard of them.  Based on some quick research, it appears that they have only been around for about 5 years and currently are only provisionally accredited through the ABA.

I would only consider applying based on the fact that it is in a part of the country where I would like to live, but I want to know if anyone has thoughts on some of the following:

-Anyone know about career prospects in Orlando and especially for Barry grads?
-Is this going to be another 3rd/4th tier school in the long run?  What kind of reputation/future outlook does it have?

Thanks for any information that anyone has...

Law School Admissions / Preparing for Law School
« on: November 08, 2004, 04:19:36 PM »
Is anyone reading any books or doing anything else to get a jump start on law school?  For example, I'm going to read the following books before next fall:

-Bridging the Gap (by Ruta K. Stropus)
-Planet Law School:  What you Need to Know (Before you Go)... But Didn't Know to Ask (by Atticus Falcon)
-The Complete Law School Companion: How to Excel at America's Most Demanding Post-Graduate Curriculum (by John Wiley)
-Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success (by Marshall & Helene Shapo)

Any opinions on these books or suggestions for others that might be good???

Based upon my LSAT and UGPA, I am going primarily for lower Tier 1 and upper-mid Tier 2 schools.  My wife and I are really trying to move to the Dallas area, and I have a relatively decent shot at SMU.  I'm thinking of applying to Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth as more of a safety school in case SMU does not work out.  Basically, I'm trying to get advice on the following:

1.)  Does anyone know if Texas Wesleyan has a good regional reputation.  I know it is a Tier 4 school, but I would be more comfortable attending if it has a strong reputation in the community I want to establish ties in.

2.)  Should I strictly stick to Tier 1&2 schools?  I know that the long-term income potential is higher on average in a Tier 1/2 school, but I am wondering how much this can be offset by strong networking, work experience, etc.  If I did decide to go to Texas Wesleyan, I would have over 10 years experience in the insurance industry, and I'm trying to ascertain how much that would offset the fact that I would be graduating from a lower ranked school.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and advice...

Choosing the Right Law School / Cancelled LSAT score - will it hurt?
« on: October 02, 2004, 10:10:51 AM »
I took the LSAT in June, and did slightly below what I wanted.  I decided to take the test again today, but I work 2nd shift at work, I'm not a morning person, and I had a much harder time concentrating than what I thought I would.

Anyhow, enough with the sad story...  I decided to cancel my score since I was mostly content with my June score.  Will the fact that I cancelled my score today be held against me???

Choosing the Right Law School / Applying before Application Start Date
« on: September 22, 2004, 01:06:31 PM »
What happens if you send in your application before you're allowed to?  I submitted an electronic application to Florida State today before realizing that they don't start accepting applications until 10/1.  Will they hold it?  Will LSAC even send my application before 10/1?

Hopefully I didn't screw myself by sending this in a little early...

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