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So I've been studying for about two months now for the LSAT. I've bought all the Powerscore bibles as well as many, many prep-tests. I've been dedicating at the very least 3-4 hours - much more on weekends - a day to studying and practicing (this includes doing multiple individual timed sections and as well as full prep-tests and reviews), but I have seen only about a 2-3 increase from my diagnostic score (which was a 153). I was really hoping for a at least 160, but preferably a 165+ and everyone keeps saying that on average most people improve about 10 points.

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. My timing has improved significantly - where I could only do 3 LG and RC sections I now finish them all, sometimes with time to spare - yet my score didn't improve at all. It's just really frustrating to be spending all this time preparing and seeing SO little improvement.

Has anyone else experienced this or just have some advice as to what I need to do (that I haven't already been doing) to push my score up??

Thanks!  ;D

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