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I've been out of school for 4 years, I'm a magazine journalist -- 

I've got a former prof, a former boss (I was his assistant for 4 years in college, he is also a professor but I didn't have classes with him) and an influential journalist / editor who I"ve worked for in the past.

Should I get recs from all 3 of them or just choose 2? None of them have ANYTHING to do with law.

I'm thinking about leaving out the journalist, since it's so irrelevant and I don't know if he'll know how to write a decent LOR anyway . .

Any thoughts?

How long can I give the people who are writing my LORs? I'm sending them a package with my resume this week

I have to take Dec LSAT. If I tell them to file by Nov 5th they'll have 3-4 weeks

Is that to late?

Also, what about P Statement -- I haven't written yet and I'd rather not rush it in order to send to my recommendation writers (although I know it'd help). Is it awful of me not to give it to them with my resume and transcripts?

(FYI, I'm a magazine journalist now, age 27, so I have been out of school for a while for whatever that's worth as far as the letters of rec. question)


Studying for the LSAT / Missed October LSAT registration date
« on: September 15, 2004, 07:50:40 AM »
I'm taking a Kaplan course and studying like crazy, but I very foolishly missed the October LSAT registration deadline, which was 2 days ago.

So I have take it in December.

All other considerations being the same, will this severely decrease my chances at getting into one of my top choice schools?

I am totally hysterical about it, quite devastated that I made such an awful flub. But I need to move on in my planning.

I have a 3.37 and I'll expect I'll get about a 160 on LSAT. Am I totally screwed? Is a T2 totally out of the question, if I'm not taking the test until December?

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