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General Board / Are Lawyers Getting Dumber Aritcle?
« on: August 21, 2015, 04:52:39 PM »

Friend just posted this and thought the board could use a new topic.

I think part of the statistical dropoff has to do with over-enrollment between 2006-2009 it seems like admission rates were at an all time high due to the financail crisis etc. Then everybody bitched & moaned that there were to many lawyers no the student body is a little less qualified and this trend will continue as the enrollment will get so low that there will not be enoug lawyers then to many will jump on the band-wagon etc.

Just my two cents. Plus there are 10 practice MBE questions for anyone dying to take their chance on the bar again.

General Board / seriously cal-bar F-U shortening the exam to two days
« on: August 03, 2015, 06:16:12 PM »

Cal-Bar is shortening the exam from three days to two. Maybe they will hand out participation ribbons next.

If I could pass a 3 day exam plenty of people can. I don't think the bar exam needs to be easier there are plenty of jokers out there capable of passing a three day exam. What will this bring on.

Probably just more pissed that I had to take a 3 day exam and others will not.

General Board / Donald Sterling Lawsuit ?
« on: June 17, 2014, 10:32:04 AM »
Again not necessarily law school related although I am sure this is being talked about in law school classrooms.

What are your thoughts on Donald Sterling's position.

If you get to the facts Donald Sterling is an 81 year old crime victim losing his property as a direct result of the crime committed against him.

Donald Sterling however, is basically a horrible person and I think even he would admit to that.

As for the legal standpoint I know first amendment will not really apply, because the NBA is not a government agency. His due process property rights might be impacted.

There is also an anti-trust argument, but I cannot really articulate it.

I would love to see a copy of the lawsuit he filed, but I haven't been able to locate it.

Just curious to hear people's thoughts.

I have heard a lot of noise about this, but no real great legal analysis on the issue and I would love to hear the arguments from both sides.

General Board / Citizens United Case Debate?
« on: June 12, 2014, 08:00:23 PM »
I was recently over hearing a bunch of people arguing about this case at a coffee shop and I know in law school we discussed this briefly, but I wanted to refresh my recollection and that it would make for an interesting thread.

My understanding of the case is as follows:

A conservative group Citizens United wanted to air a documentary bashing Hilary Clinton before the Democratic Primary election. There was a Federal Statute that stood in the way of airing the documentary.

Citizen United filed suit alleging the statute violated their free speech and the documentary should be allowed. The court then decided by a 5-4 funding the documentary was free speech and allowed, which in essence allowed corporations to provide more money to campaigns to protect freedom of speech.

First I was wondering if my understanding is even correct and what people think.

My two cents if my understanding is correct is that groups, corporations, people, etc should be able to say what they want to say, but I understand the argument that is creates an unfair playing field.

Overhearing that conversation made me think of this board and I wanted to see if anyone had additional insight.

Golden Gate / In Vino Veritas Competition
« on: October 14, 2013, 08:00:58 PM »
Golden Gate successfully held the second annual In Vino Veritas Mock Trial Competition. Numerous Judges, Attorneys, and Political Figures attended and professor Wes Porter has been doing an excellent job with Golden Gate's litigation program.

More information on the competition can be obtained here.

I think Golden Gate is on the right track and doing a great job with their students.

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