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Current Law Students / Law Clerk Wanted, $10 hour?
« on: May 12, 2007, 04:14:34 PM »
So what the heck are these lawyers thinking offering jobs for $10 hour? I made more than that working as a receptionist for a hair salon over ten years ago. Today, you can make that spinning signs on a corner. Unless you are clerking at big corporation, is this the pay that you can expect to make while earning your experience???
As an older student who was making almost 60k before entering law school, I am totally disgusted. My receptionist used to make $14 an hour. What's the deal?

Current Law Students / Cheaters - please tell me this is not the norm
« on: September 08, 2006, 04:17:26 PM »
Found this AD on Craigslist, San Diego, under "etc" jobs. This makes me so mad! What do you all think??

Law School Legal Writing and Research paper

Reply to:
Date: 2006-08-24, 8:06PM PDT

I am looking for someone who can do my Legal Writing and Research papers/assignments this semester. I am looking for quality work and am willing to pay accordingly. Name your price.

You should be at least a third year law student in good standing and understand the kind of work expected of a student at my level.

I am discrete and you should be too. Serious inquiries only.

Job location is SD

Compensation: Negotiable

Fines are $200 I believe, and repeat offense can be a misdemeanor!
What does everyone think about this?

Hi, I had a few courses with F grades from community college. I was dumb and did not drop them in time.  However, I re-took the courses for an A grade.  The colleges did not calculate the original Fs into my cumulative gpa, why does LSDAS? What was the point of re-taking them for a better grade, as I was advised by school counselors to do, if the F would still be calculated.  This is very frustrating, bringing my overall gpa down to 3.18!  Has anyone else experienced this, and is it possible to get LSDAS to NOT count repeated courses?  By the way, in my academic summary, under Non punitive, WF, Repeated course hours, zero hours are listed.  Should I call them? Thanks for any advice.

Hi there,

I have been offered a job as Academic Affairs Supervisor.  Currently, I am an academic counselor.  Everyone talks about the importance of showing leadership skills for a non-trad student, so I am very tempted to take the job. It would show a "promotion".   However, my current salary is already above the salary range for the new position (due to getting a good raise on my annual review).  Is it stupid to take a "supervisory" job just for the title? I would then have to hope a higher role opens up sometime soon in the new job so that I could also get a raise. Any thoughts about this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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