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Incoming 1Ls / Question about IP law
« on: March 30, 2008, 09:43:15 PM »
   I know that a technical background is important for pursuing patent and IP law, but just how important is it? If i do not have a technical background does it automatically count me out? or should i try pursuing it?

  I got into both schools, and while Fordham is offering me 15,000 a year, Cardozo is offering me free tuition plus 10,000 living stipend. I'm quite torn and cant decide. I also made duke with some money, and i know most people would probably encourage me to go there, but i really want to stay in NYC. I'm still waiting to hear from NYU as well, and if i go get in there, i think that is where i will choose to go, but i need to make a deposit at either Cardozo or Fordham by April 15, so for now, i have to pick between those. As for what i wish to do, im thinking of going into either IP or International Law, and eventually would like to do academics and teach. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated :)

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