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Hi everyone my name is Brian and I am new to these forums. Long story short, my father was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma three and half years ago and recently has been in the hospital for two weeks due to complications. My father has talked to me about not continuing his chemotherapy treatments because it has been ineffective thus far and has been suffering. I am starting law school next month and my mind is all over the place. There is a high probability due to the aggressiveness of the lymphoma, that my father could pass away at any given moment. I talked with my family about deferring for year and I also contemplated it. My father did not want to hear anything about me putting off law school and he made me promise him that I would start and finish as soon as possible. It simply is a crappy situation. I love my father, he is honestly my role model and best friend so I will do everything to honor his wishes and confidence in me. Has anyone ever been in this situation before, know of someone who has, or something similar? If so I would appreciate any advice. Sorry if this came off as a rant, I am just trying to get my head in the right place so I do not fall behind.

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