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Incoming 1Ls / Laptop/book bags?
« on: July 28, 2008, 08:36:19 AM »
Anyone have any recommendations for laptop bags? I'd like to get something that's big enough to fit books as well, although I don't know how many books I'll need at any one moment (since I'll also be storing some in a locker, or so I hope).

My other consideration in picking a bag is that I'd like to bike to school on some/most days (a 3 mile ride).

Would it make more sense to get a 2-strap backpack (e.g., a 1 strap messenger bag (e.g., or some kind of dual-use pannier/messenger bag (e.g.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Incoming 1Ls / Biking to Law School: What panniers should I get?
« on: June 15, 2008, 04:31:37 PM »

I'm hoping to bike to school each day, but I'm wondering what panniers would be strong enough to securely carry law school books & a laptop. Do any bikers out there have any recommendations? If so, I'd love to hear.


Financial Aid / Lenders for Stafford Loans
« on: May 13, 2008, 08:55:57 AM »
I'm going to loan about 15-17K a year for law school (all in the form of Stafford), and will soon need to choose a lender. Does anyone have any suggestions for choosing between the various Stafford lenders (e.g. Access, Citibank, etc)? Are they all about the same, or are there real differences to consider?

Choosing the Right Law School / ND ($) vs Temple ($$$$)
« on: April 07, 2008, 04:29:06 PM »
It took a while, but I just got an acceptance letter from Notre Dame, with a 14K annual scholarship. This now raises the ever perplexing $$-vs-rankings question as I have a full-scholarship offer from Temple.

My interest in law is public interest (working for an advocacy organization like ACLU, Innocence Project, or Center for Constitutional Rights) and teaching. Ideally, I would work for 5-10 years in PI after graduation, and then return to law school for an LLM or JSD and become a professor.

With that as background, I'd be interested in any thoughts on what would be the better choice: Notre Dame (with 100K debt) or Temple (with 40K debt)?

Choosing the Right Law School / Still no decision: How to intepret?
« on: April 02, 2008, 06:19:43 AM »
While I applied kind of late in the cycle (beginning/middle of February) I have yet to receive decisions from 5 schools (Duke, Cornell, Notre Dame, USC, and Colorado). For at least one of these 5 schools (Cornell), the ASD was already held.

While I gather this isn't an uncommon situation, I'm just wondering what it usually means? My default interpretation is that I'm either on the borderline of being accepted/waitlisted or waitlisted/rejected. Is this a fair assumption, or could it just be that they haven't reviewed my application yet?

Also, are chances of scholarship greatly reduced with a pending status this late in the day?

Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated.

Choosing the Right Law School / OSU or Temple ($$$$)?
« on: March 31, 2008, 02:11:11 PM »
Ok, so I'm strongly leaning towards Temple, but I figured I'd tempt fate by seeing if anyone could convince me to the contrary.

OSU with no scholarship & out-of-state tuition, or Temple with a full-tuition scholarship?

My interest is in public interest law, and definitely not big law. With that in mind, and with the state of the economy looking pretty bad, I'm trying to keep my debt-load to a minimum. Also, I visited Temple this weekend for ASD and was very impressed with just about everything (faculty, clinical programs, the trial advocacy program, etc).

But, then again, I realize that OSU has a better national reputation (at least according to USN). But is the difference in USN ranking (~32 vs ~60, or something like that) worth an extra $32,000 a year (an extra 96K overall - yikes!)

Ok, as I write this, Temple is starting to look like the better choice (by far), but I guess I don't want to leave any stone unturned in considering my options. Any thoughts or advice?

I just got waitlisted at U of Mich, and since it's probably unlikely that I will get in, I'm wondering if it would be better (for a future cycle) if I withdrew my candidacy. In other words, if I applied again to U of Mich, would it look better on my application if they knew that I withdrew my WL rather than being ultimately rejected?

FWIW, the U of Michigan waitlist letter is the most flattering of the WLs I've received (I've also received WLs from Vanderbilt and American).

I just set up a page in Law School Numbers and am wondering what the Index stat means? Does anyone know?

I would think it's some kind of calculation based on LSAT and GPA, however, the range is so huge (from 3.4 to 800+). Do schools have some kind of dramatically different way of calculating this?


Choosing the Right Law School / BAYLOR vs TEMPLE (+ other offers)
« on: March 23, 2008, 01:04:58 PM »
I recently received full-tuition scholarships to Baylor, Temple, and Pace. I also received about a 75% scholarship to U of Arizona.

I'm leaning towards one of the 3 schools with full-tuition scholarship, but the competitive side in me, wants to go to the best school possible. I am interested in pursuing public interest law (civil liberties; wrongful convictions with death penalty, etc), so maybe the distinctions between the school's USN&W rankings (Arizona: 44.5; Baylor: 54.5, Temple: 62.5; Pace: tier 2) don't matter as much?

Does anyone have any insights or suggestions they could share about these schools?

It sort of surprises me that Pace (which is where Bobby Kennedy works on environmental law issues) is a tier 2 school. Would I be sacrificing a lot, by choosing Pace over Baylor/Temple/Arizona?


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