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Lately I have been trying to figure out how to get four letters of recommendation and it is starting to worry me a bit.  My basic situation can be found here:,103511.0/topicseen.html

Essentially, I'm an engineer in my late 20's looking to start a new profession in law.  I took an off year last year -- for a variety of reasons -- and have decided that law school is definitely the direction I want to take.  However, given my situation, I'm not sure who to ask to write me some strong letters of recommendation.  So far, the only obvious candidate has been my boss from my previous engineering position in Chicago.  I really did not make a strong effort at keeping in touch with him but we left on very good terms and I would think that he would be a strong LoR candidate.  Outside of that, I'm not sure who else to ask though.  I'm five years out of college so should I ask some of my old engineering professors?  I'm not even sure if they would remember me so would they be good LoR candidates?

Who are you asking to write your LoRs?  Did you suggest that they write specific things about you?  How would you suggest I approach this subject with my previous engineering manager, or professors, that might view law school as a 'weird' direction in which to head after having spent the considerable time and effort, and money, that I did to build my engineering career?

Any comments and suggestions are appreciated as I am stressing over this quite a bit.

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