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I'm a 2L and I feel like I've botched my legal education. What advice does anyone have to save my legal career, if that's even possible in this economy? I wanted to do public interest work, but I had to take out an insane amount of loans so I'm under that weight. Is dropping out the best option here, or is it still possible to get a job?

Any general advice/experience here? Help!!


My grades are straight Bs, except a B+ in Contracts, and an A in some random administrative law/gov't policy class.

I go to a grade-obsessed school, so my poor grades have disqualified me from journals and clinics, so I have none of those. :{ I represent clients in administrative hearings, though, for an independent clinic so I have experience doing that.

I also did a summer internship with the state AG's office, and have an offer for the state Public Defender's office this summer. Not very prestigious, but it's hands-on work.

Am I screwed? Is this really that bad?

Hello all,

Facts: Private NYC school (the one in between Fordham and Brooklyn). Already in debt from one year. Bs and B+ grades only (below median - 3.04 GPA, median = 3.16). Public interest/government future.

Should I drop out? I'm below median. I want a public interest/government career, but the economy is horrible right now. I have plenty of family connections, but my grades are kinda poo. Is there any way to get them up during the next two years?

Please, any advice would be great. I have no idea what to do right now. I mean, I'm really good at actual law ... I received an A on my appellate brief, and in my internship I keep getting compliments on my briefs and research. But still, grades are everything in this career.

Thanks in advance. I'm kinda bugging out about my future here.

Current Law Students / Just started outlining now
« on: April 24, 2009, 05:36:17 PM »
and exams are May 11. Kill self, or any study tips to survive? Yipes.

Current Law Students / Government 1L internship cover letter
« on: March 07, 2009, 08:31:59 AM »
Hey guys,

I have a few good places to send my resume for potential government work with a state attorney general. I have no idea what to write in my cover letter, though, since it's such a broad thing. Any suggestions? Like ... that I really want to work for the government one day?

Any advice would definitely be great ... I need to send these out ASAP and I don't want to blow it.


Current Law Students / Too late to find an internship for the summer?
« on: February 28, 2009, 02:53:57 PM »
I haven't really gotten any decent interviews ... looking for public interest/government kinda stuff. Is it too late to keep sending out resumes, or am I totally screwed?

I want to do public interest, but I got a B- (5 credits), a B (4 credits), a B+ (2 credits, though), and one class TBD (3 credits). I go to one of the Tier 2s in NYC. Should I just drop out now or what? I'm way below 50% here (2.98 compared to 3.1 for 50%). This is terrible.

Is it possible to get a good public interest summer internship with grades like that? It's amazing how much a first semester can determine an entire career path.

Job Search / Bad first semester grades, mediocre school ... what now?
« on: January 07, 2009, 04:44:53 PM »
I want to do public interest, but I got a B- (5 credits), a B (4 credits), a B+ (2 credits, though), and one class TBD (3 credits). I go to a Tier 2 in NYC. Should I just drop out now or what? I'm below 50% here. THis is terrible.

Cardozo offered me 15k and a Public Service Scholar title; American, nothing. I got waitlisted at all the higher ranked schools I applied to.

Should I go to any of those, or should I retake the LSAT (I got a 164)?

Choosing the Right Law School / Opinions on American University?
« on: March 21, 2008, 09:01:15 PM »

They're my first real acceptance so far, and I'm wondering, why on earth is their tuition higher than Georgetown's? That's ridiculous!

I know they're the "public interest" branded school, but how can anyone do that with 180k of debt, and what seems like a mediocre LRAP from American?

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