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so i was waitlisted at every school that i wanted to go to. because of finanical reasons i have decided that it would be best for me to put off law school until next fall. i also got a 158 on my LSAT and would like to try to raise it a few points and try to get some scholarships. so my question is, should i call the schools and tell them of my plans to attend school next fall and see if i can get a deferal or a fee waiver or something??? or should i just withdrawal and then apply again?? any advice would be appreciated!

ANY ADVICE IS NEEDED.  i sent my apps pretty much on the days of their deadlines in jan,feb,march! i applied to SMU, UT, KENT, DEPAUL, USD, UNC, KANSAS, TTU, CU, AND BAYLOR. my GPA is really high 3.99 but my LSAT is 158 so not sure how far that is going to get me!! im wondering how long till i get the results and also if i have any chance of getting into these schools because i applied so late!! THANKS, I COULD USE ANY SORT OF INPUT!

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