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Is there a disadvantage in waiting for W-2's and other info in order to complete income info on the FAFSA? I have 1099 info and Schedule C (profit & loss from business) that I have to include on my 1040. I didn't want to begin the TurboTax return without my W-2. If I wait until the beginning of Feb., will there be a chance that I would miss out on some school based aid?

Law School Admissions / Contacting Office of Admissions
« on: October 21, 2008, 05:28:26 PM »
I would like to contact the admissions office of the schools to which I am applying to introduce myself and schedule campus visits. Any suggestions on how to leave a good 1st impression and what are some questions that I need to ask?

Any thoughts on Vermont School of Law and their environmental law program? I am also considering FSU. Vermont is not highly ranked but their program is ranked #1. My LSAT and GPA makes me a strong contender. FSU is ranked higher but their environmental program is at #20 and I would have to re-take the LSAT (FSU considers the higher grade of multiple LSAT's). Thanks

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