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Hi Everyone - I was looking to get connected with any law student from Rutgets who's had my visiting Con Law Professor, Mark Weiner. Anyone out there either have him or know how i can find someone who's had him?

Choosing the Right Law School / PT vs. FT?
« on: April 29, 2008, 02:59:55 PM »
Hi everyone -

At this point, I'm a 0L trying to decide where I should apply for Sept 09 admission. I'm tempted to apply for part time law schools because 1) I'll have more energy to devote to each class, 2)Its easier to get in (I have a 158/3.65), 3)I feel my competition in Law School wouldnt be as tough, 4)I'm considering keeping a FT job while attending Law School.

Aside from the fact that Part Time law school would take me more time, what are some other drawbacks? I think that even if I dont keep my full time job, I'll want to apply for PT law school for reasons 1-3. Thanks for any help.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Pepperdine Dorm Policy?
« on: April 29, 2008, 02:49:07 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I've seen some postings about Pepperdine having a strict dorm policy on alcohol. Does anyone know what the rules are and how easy it is to get other types of housing around there? I went through enough trouble in my undergrad dorms to go through it again in Law School...even if this time the dorm over looks the pacific.

In my current job I'm trying to build relationships with some professors at NY law schools. Since I haven't really had class with them and will have had limited professional contact with them, will it be worth going to them for LORs? Thanks for any help...

I took a couple of classes and worked at the office of a pretty big time professor while I was in undergrad/grad school. Working in his office, I got to look at some of his LOR's and found them to be pretty plain. Since I did have the honor of being an office-female dog, I think I'd get an extra line about that. Will his fame offset the vanilla-ness of the letter? I'll already be borderline at some schools and was hoping this was one soft factor that could help push me over.

So I know this isn't exactly the season to be thinking about where to apply but I'm thinking about it anyway...

I got a 158 on the LSAT and don't feel like taking it again would raise my score more than a point or two. I'm hoping that my soft factors (a social science MA, work in alternative dispute resolution in manhattan, good LOR's, getting the application in ASAP) will help my chances. The schools I'm thinking of: Brooklyn PT, Cardozo PT, NYLS, Pace, Pepperdine, St.Johns, U. of San Diego. The ones outside of NY have pretty good dispute resolution centers.

Any thoughts, advice, schools on this list I shouldn't bother with, schools I should think of?

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