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by realistic i mean stuff like 'dont use any lsat or peer numbers' isn't really an option

if you have an idea go ahead and list it- here is mine

when having reputation scores filled out, let it be on a 10 point scale. 

Why?  Right now the rankings are so incredibly bunched up that there needs to be a little more seperation.  Ranking from 1-5 is very difficult.  Think about if you were filling the survey out.  You would likely reserve a '1' for the tier 4 and a good amount of tier 3 schools.  You would likely use the '5' on schools in the t14.  A '4' in most of the rest of the top 40 or so, a 3 in the mid to end of tier 2 and a '2' in the remainder.  Thing is there really isn't much room to really rank.  For example what if i as a person being surveyed think ND is a better school then UNC (purely hypo).  I want to give ND a better score then UNC but i can't justify putting ND in the same category as yale.  At the same time i can't justify dropping UNC's score down.  So I just give them the same score.  Giving a 1-10 range allows for a much more accurate reflection of what the peer scores are.  And since that is 40% of the ranking, i think it would play an important roll in stopping ties and giving a more accurate reflection of the method USNews seesm to like

Financial Aid / quick private loan question
« on: June 13, 2005, 07:19:20 PM »
is there anything wrong with applying for 2 places instead of one?  im not sure whether access or northstar will give me the best rate so i wanna try both. thanks

Incoming 1Ls / Washington and Lee (W&L) - Who is Going????
« on: May 11, 2005, 10:32:39 AM »
it seems like there is a suprising amount of WL lurkers around here (as compared to only 6 on lsn) so I just wanted to see who else out there is heading to Lexington in august.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / WUSTL waitlist
« on: May 10, 2005, 02:31:48 PM »
just got an email accepance

I just saw this posted on xoxo- they really seem about right

Our rankings of the top 30 law schools by prestige:
1.    Yale             11.    Duke     21.                     hington and Lee
2.    Harvard    12.    Cornell    22.    George Washington
3.    Stanford    13.    Georgetown    23.    Boston College
4.    University of Chicago    14.    Northwestern    24.    Notre Dame
5.    Columbia    15.    University of Texas- Austin    25.    Washington University in St. Louis
6.    NYU    16.    UCLA    26.    Emory
7.    Michigan    17.    USC    27.    University of North Carolina
8.    Virginia    18.    Vanderbilt    28.    University of California--Hastings
9.    Berkeley    19.    Minnesota    29.    Boston University
10.    University of Pennsylvania    20.    Iowa    30.    University of California—Davis

Choosing the Right Law School / BC or WL at 20k less for NY/Philly/DC
« on: March 28, 2005, 10:48:01 PM »
hey guys im basically down for all intents and purposes to these two schools (and leaning towards WL)- if anyone could maybe offer their 2 cents i would appreciate it- any new insights would be nice (i think i've researched every fact about these 2 schools to death already)
 i would like to work biglaw after graduation (and possibly after clerking) but i would rather not spend my whole career in a big firm.  I want to have flexibility in the law and might like to end up at some point teaching (as an adjunct or legal historian or something if thats even an option) or judging.  basically i 'plan' (a term i use looseley- i know i like law and so much of it interests me that its hard to pick one set aspect) to work a lot when younger to try and make some money to put away and then have a less hectic job when older. 

I really like the academic environment of WL and its small community feel.  Honestly I think I would perform better in this type of environment.  I'm not big, however, on working anywhere more south then VA and I would prefer to work in either Boston, NYC, PHilly, or DC (i would def like to get into the philly area at some pt even if im living elsewhere for a while).  I really like the city of Boston and would def enjoy being there for at least 3 years (not that i wouldnt like lexington- i enjoy the quiet area too but the city has a certain energy)- WL salary range really bugs me

i feel like this is a contest of 'where i want to work with good pay' vs. 'saving money and having the academic environment i like and thrive in'

a school like bc drops- places like wash u rise
what is a better indicator of a school- its recent rankings as indicative of where hte school is going
or its traditional ranking area even if recent drops have occured? 
what do people think?

Just got back from their admit day and i have to say i was very very impressed.  The school seemed to not be like the ugrad in anyway at all.  Politically it seemed very mixed but everyoen seemed to get along.  The atmosphere was really relaxed.  I think the thing that impressed me the most was that not once did the dean, profs, or students talk about "our lsat score range" "our alums who do this" "how many people applied for each spot" "how much harder admissions is gettin".  They all just seemed content letting the school speak for itself.  Everyone was really friendly and really seeemed to enjoy the academic environment.  Despite being in nowhere it wasn't as isolated as i thought it would be and the student consensus seemed to be "we all know everyone so we always have stuff to do".  The building was def 70's looking on the outside but pretty nice inside.  The classrooms (save for one which was blaringly orange) were the smallest, most comfortable, and got the most sunlight of anywhere i saw.  Student body seemed mixed with people from all over tho it seemed like a heavy texas population existed for some reason.  I asked about their low employement rates and they claimed it was becuz govt jobs reequire you to pass the bar first which is why so few have jobs at graduation (tho looking at the numbers i dont buy this) and that the bar passage rate was low because very few people take it in VA so 1 failure screws the % (tho wouldnt that mean they could get 100% every now and then?)  Overall i was very impressed and really have a tough decision to make (i guess i'll see bc's open house in a few weeks). 

Choosing the Right Law School / what is BC's employment stats?
« on: March 05, 2005, 02:36:19 PM »
sorry if i keep askin bc questions but one big prob people seem to think exists there is that too few people are employed at graduation-  according to us news 85% have jobs at graduation.  the year before that number was in the mid 90's.  princetonreview, however, lists it as 75% on their website.  i heard their numbers went down.  i thought it was 85 they went down to (which isnt too bad) but if its 75 that would bug me.  anyone got any insight here?

Choosing the Right Law School / Is GW definately better then BC/BU?
« on: March 02, 2005, 05:30:46 PM »
It seems everyone seems to think GW just a tad better then these other two.  Why is that?  I am not just talking about a DC vs Boston comparison but instead in general.  Let's say you went to law school and had a random part of the ocuntry randomly picked where you had to try and get a job.

I compared the stats between GW and BC (i didnt apply to BU) and they are basically the same for job region placement, salary, placement rate, types of jobs.  Also all the reviews seem to say the same things about 'friendly students', 'not the best career services', 'expensive', etc. 
I feel like a bunch of people have said GW has more alums and connections and they often do so by citing numbers though I have yet to see numbers that proportionaly show GW placing better then the boston schools.  Can anyone offer some insight here or am i reading too much into what most people say?

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