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I am thinking about going to law school, hence why I am here on this site reading up on the LSATS and what not.  Great to meet you guys.  Thanks for having me!

I'm 24 years old, will be 25 in March.  I have absolutely no post-secondary education whatsover.  I completed high school in 2000, then went on to make records and tour the world, lived in various cities (Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Brussels, Ottawa, and now currently LA), worked in a million jobs in the in-between, from waitressing to being glorified receptionist in financial companies to starting my own massage service, and I'm looking for a change.  For my own purposes, I've been more or less studying entertainment law on my own time, and I have quite a bit of experience, at this point, in reading and negotiating contracts, for my employers and also myself (licensing deals, etc...), and I've found that, strangely enough, I love this.  I'm good at this.  I want to make something like a career out of something like this.  But, I repeat, I have ABSOLUTELY NO POST-SECONDARY education whatsover. 

So.. I would like to go straight to law school.  I've heard that it may be possible (depending on LSAT scores, of course), to do this, to skip the whole undergrad degree thing altogether.  And so my question is, have any of you done this?  Or, anyone doing this?  Heard of this?  Any advice for someone who has never been to university? 

Thanks so much!

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