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So I'm looking for opinions...

I am interested in international public service jobs...but I haven't started school yet so who knows if I might change my mind.  Is NYU (no $) worth going to over Michigan (21k/yr)?  These aren't the only options left, but the other two are choices I'll do if I decide I would rather graduate with very little debt, so if I choose better job placement, it will be between these two.  Michigan I'll likely graduate with somewhere around 100k in debt, NYU with 165k.  NYU does guaruntee summer public interest/service internship funding, while at Michigan it seems you have to compete for it.  I'm also under the impression that other than Harvard, NYU is the #1 school for international public service jobs, and I think that their LRAP is better than the federal one, and would benefit me more if I decide to go public service route.  However, if I decide to go private practice, I have no interest in BIGLaw hours, so I would likely be at a lower-paying firm...and paying of 165k on an 80k salary does not sound appetizing.  And if I end up getting married sometime in the next 13 years, sucking up that much money from my spouse doesn't sound that nice either.  But NYU has so many amazing programs for my interests...

Thoughts?  Opinions?  Please help!

I posted this for the decider on another thread, but really i want some outside opinions, and i think he may be done. opinions?

If you are an in-state resident for one of the schools, let me know which one
If your parents are paying for a % of your law school, explain that.  Be sure to include whether or not you care about your parent's spending excess money.
Let me know what you are like socially and what type things you enjoy
-collegial atmosphere important. I like to go out on occasion, and I like options when i do. but i'm more likely to sit around drinking and watching movies.  I've lived in a little eastern european village for two years and can't wait to live somewhere where everyone doesnt know me and report on everything i do.  college towns don't really appeal to me, because i like to live in places with normal people in addition to students and professors.
Where you want to practice, and what kind of law you want to practice (possible options include biglaw, midlaw, small firm law, public interest, clerking, government and business)
-NOT biglaw.  that's the only certainty, but i'm very interested in working for a governmentagency. work-life balance and being proud of my profession is important to me.
Any other notably relevant information
-I'm mostly deciding between Michigan, Vandy, and WUSTL.  I've asked Vandy for more money.  Mich is the least appealing to me but obviously the highest ranked AND they have a great LRAP - it may very well be a better financial choice than Vandy is at the moment, based on financial projections.  thus why i asked vandy for more money, bc i would really like to go there.  also, i've never been to ann arbor so probably my negative reaction to it is unfair.  i'm very anti-debt.  vandy is 2 hrs away from my family, whom i haven't seen in almost 2 yrs at the moment, and it would be great to be near.  StL is 7-8 hrs away, Michigan 10-11.
LSN below. Comments?

Financial Aid / Vandy need-based $
« on: March 18, 2008, 06:18:23 AM »
So, I'm STILL waiting and desperate to hear from Vandy on this front, although i turned in my info by the preferred deadline.  They offered me a great scholarship, and I want to go, but I need some more help to choose it over Michigan's aid (need-based + small scholarship).  So, anybody that's already received word, let me know if you can.  On this thread or PM me with how much they offered grant-wise (or if they offered zilch when you were expecting something) and if possible your basic financial situation.  Thanks to everyone willing to share this info, it will really  help having a basic idea of what to expect.

Choosing the Right Law School / Vandy Study Abroad
« on: March 01, 2008, 06:54:59 AM »
So, I keep trying to find out if I could do the study abroad in South Africa I want to do with Vanderbilt.  The only thing I can find about Vandy study abroad is "Vanderbilt in Venice," which I'm not interested in.  Anyone know anything?  Thanks!

Confused about this -

My family gets all my mail from law schools (Moldova has a horrible postal system), so I don't have the actual paper with me.  It'll be about 4-6 weeks.  However, my mother mentioned that she got a mailing for Cornell saying that Cornell is starting a new program that guarantees that students whose parents make less than $75,000 a year will graduate debt free.  This obviously has to be too good to be true, but does anyone know how it actually works?


Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Wake Forest?
« on: January 31, 2008, 03:47:20 AM »
So, I couldn't really find much in posting history here on wake forest law.  any opinions?  They just sent me a full scholarship offer, and though I'm still hoping for something similar from Vandy (long shot, but I'm dying for it) or something less impressive but significant from somewhere in the T14, I would really like some opinions.  Thanks!

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Strong communities in T20
« on: January 22, 2008, 03:07:25 AM »
So I'm currently living abroad, I did all my application activities from this little country in eastern europe and won't be heading back to the states until the summer.  Thus, I won't be able to visit any of my schools; while I understand nothing can replace a visit, I'm not willing to wait a year to enroll, so I'd really like to hear peoples' impressions of the communities at different schools (including the ones I'm still waiting on a response from).  I know that a certain level of competition is going to exist at any top law school, esp the T14s, but I want to avoid any truly cutthroat schools, as well as the more "pompous" institutions.  So here are my schools:

Applied/ No Response Yet:  Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, NYU, Penn, Virginia
Applied/ Accepted: Cornell, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Michigan, Northwestern, UNC Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt
Applied/ Rejected: they've been sparing my feelings so far

I'd appreciate any input, whether from what other pre-lawers have heard, or from visits, or from current students, or from...whoever.  Please, I'm desperate.  Thanks for your help!!

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