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Transferring / Would you transfer if...
« on: May 30, 2009, 06:20:00 PM » were at a strong T2 regional school, had a scholarship for 2L and were in the top 20%. sincerely like your school and would not mind doing a Tax LLM after graduation BUT you realized that you want to eventually go into academia (adjunct or faculty) and during practice you don't want to feel constrained to the geographic area where your school clearly dominates?

Choosing the Right Law School / Temple ($$$) vs. Davis
« on: May 22, 2008, 12:06:54 PM »
So I decided to enroll in Temple after getting waitlisted at Davis.  Temple gave me full tuition.  Funny thing is that, the same day I send my second deposit to Temple, Davis mails me the letter stating that I got off the waitlist.  I'm quite happy with the idea of going to Temple, but I really like Davis.  I don't care much if I end up in the east or west coast but I would love to go into public interest.  What do you think?

I got into those three schools and from the rest, UC Davis is the other school high on my list.  I am interested in public service positions, particularly in criminal, immigration and international law, but I want to keep my options open (I also have an unexplained interest in taxation).  I'd like to study in a school that is strong in their region and offers practical experience. 

Temple - They gave me a full tuition scholarship that, if I keep it, I would have more freedom when choosing a job.  I love that they are in a big city, but I have never been in Philadelphia and don't know the city.  They also have a strong litigation and writing program, which for me, are very appealing.

Northeastern - I've worked with Northeastern graduates and can see firsthand that the school produces attorneys with practical experience.  I like the opportunities that the coop program can bring the students but I do not like the fact that every three months, I would start a new job search and have to find housing if I get a coop out of Boston.  I also love that the school has a strong focus on public interest but am afraid that Northeastern's strong focus on public interst could close doors should I decide to go a different route. 

American - At one point, it was my top choice but it is very pricey.  The other schools have given me a scholarship but I have heard nothing on that regard from American.  However, American is strong in international law, particularly with Latin America.  I've focused on this region at work and at college and would love to also pursue it in law school. 

(maybe) Davis - Ok, I have not gotten into Davis yet (they take too darn long to review an application).  Davis seems to have some good clinics (particularly the immigration clinic).  Also, the school seems to be pretty laid back and could open doors to more jobs than the other schools.  I am not a California resident but I would make arrangements to become a resident after 1L.

Which school should I choose if I get into Davis?  If I do not get into Davis, which school should I choose?  Opinions? 

I've received several scholarship offers from various law schools (all T2).  All of them have requirements so that I maintain them for my second and third year.  They go from "good academic standing" to "be at the top 50% of the class."  But also, at least in my case, the bigger scholarships are the ones with the stricter requirements to maintain.  That brings my question, what do you think are reasonable condition to maintain a scholarship?

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