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Choosing the Right Law School / Northwestern JD/PhD v. Harvard JD
« on: March 11, 2009, 08:11:00 PM »
Hey everyone,

Decisions are rolling in and I am in the midst of one rather difficult decision. Back in December I was accepted at Harvard and basically made up my mind to go there (that HLS email address is a GREAT recruiting method lol) until I was accepted into Northwestern's JD/PhD last week.

Now I know that Harvard is Harvard (i.e., "golden ticket") but would I really be crazy to go to Northwestern? I get a full ride there, the 6 year coordinated program is pretty great, there are internships at the American Bar Foundation, and the faculty members' interests are closely aligned with my own.

I am going to ASW this weekend at Harvard, but would love to hear any and all thoughts. I am very interested in a career in academia, but with some policy/programmatic work too.


So I have a really great relationship with my adviser in my major and I asked him for a recommendation almost a year ago when I went back to visit my alma mater. I have been in touch with him throughout the year and he told me to contact him at the beginning of this semester to remind him about the letters. I have been trying to reach him for almost a month now, and he hasn't been responding to email or to voicemail! I called the department and he is on leave for the academic year, and now I am worried that I won't hear back from him in time for my applications. There are other professors that I could ask, but his letter was going to be *pure gold*. Should I submit some sort of addendum noting this or just suck it up and hope that he'll re-surface/that the other professors will write strong recs?

Also, since I work in academia/research, I was wondering if a letter from my boss (who is both a professor and a principal investigator) could substitute for one of the academic recommendations?

Law School Admissions / Harvard App
« on: September 09, 2008, 10:25:31 AM »
Any idea when it will be up?

Law School Admissions / NYU Scholarship Programs
« on: September 02, 2008, 05:54:10 PM »
So being that I plan on entering academia I am in dire need of financial support for my legal studies. I plan on applying for NYU's Furman Academic Scholarship program, but am also interested in the Criminal Law Scholars program. Does anyone know if it is "OK" to apply to both programs or should I just focus on one? I want to study issues related to criminal law and the criminal justice system, so I am concerned that there may be some overlap between the supplemental essays...

Also, does anyone know of programs like Furman at other law schools?

Studying for the LSAT / Hitting a Slump
« on: August 25, 2008, 03:16:41 PM »
hi all,

so i took the lsat in february and got a 167 and decided to re-take in october. i have been studying for the re-take since june and was regularly scoring in the mid 170s, but in the past two weeks I have hit a slump back to the mid-high 160s. does anyone have any tips on how to work through this?? thanks in advance!

Anyone interested in reading my yale 250 draft? I'm concerned that it may sound more like a creative writing piece than a formal essay, but I believe it conveys who I am fairly well. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I am trying to get together materials for my applications and I was wondering if a publication or presentation counted as an award/honor to be listed. I am attaching my CV to all of my applications so they will see these, but should/can I list these as honors/awards as well?

While we are on the subject of resumes, since I am working in research now and would like to be a professor, I have a lengthy CV. Should I try to cut this down (if so, how many pages), or will the adcomm understand that I am submitting a CV and not a resume?


Hi Everyone,

So I am working on my personal statement and I was wondering if I should mention my desire to enter legal academia. I am concerned, however, if I start talking about my academic interests, that my personal statement will start looking to "statement of purpose"-y. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Law School Admissions / Financial Aid at t14 (Legal Academia)
« on: March 13, 2008, 11:22:39 AM »
I searched the board and noticed many helpful postings on financial aid, but I was wondering if anyone knew if schools typically gave merit-based scholarships to students who were intent on entering legal academia.I know that NYU has the Furman Academic Scholars program, do any other schools have similar programs/fellowships/grants?


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