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So here's my background.  I'm a top candidate for law schools in terms of grades (4.0+) from a top public school with a 165 lsat (i decided i wouldn't retake even though i prolly could have done better), straight out of college (a bit of work experience through internships etc...).

Anyway, my top choice right now is Cornell, and I'm waitlisted at Penn, GULC, and Berkeley, and I'm still waiting to hear back from Stanford, NYU, Michigan, and UVA.  My top choice would be Berkeley or Stanford.  I was fine waiting to hear back from places and whatnot except yesterday I found out that I was accepted for the Duke Summer Program (JD/LLM). 

I'd rather do this program than go to Cornell but it starts in May/June which kinda sucks.  I've also got a trip planned until mid/june touring around asia, so if I decide I Duke, I think I would try to defer (if possible).  Anyway, does everyone think it's worth waiting out the waitlists and the apps I haven't heard back from or should I try and find something to do (work etc...) and defer to start in May/June '09?  Any advice or guidance what I should do would be much appreciated!  Also, money and such is not so much an issue.

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