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So I am heavily weighing my options on what to do after I graduate. It looks like I am going to graduate with a BA in Psyc with a 2.4. I worked through college, traveled home quite a bit to help family and just had so much on my mind that it affected me everyday. But my last 2 years I have improved my grades as much as I can. I have NO volunteer work and moving home back to the Indian Reservation with family I don't see any volunteer work to be found. I the first person in my family to get a 4-year degree. I just want to know if I have any chance of every being in law school. I have a lot to offer, but the thing is I don't have the factual evidence to prove it (volunteer work, better grades, etc.) There is nothing for me here on the reservation to let me grow as a person and I don't feel as passionate about anything else other than law school. How could I improve my application to any law school? If you would like to know any more information, ask me. ex

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