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So I really have no idea which school I should be attending this fall and thought I would beg some help from fellow board members.  BU is offering no money, BLS is offering 33K/yr and may go up, and UMN is offering 10K/yr.  Here are my considerations:

--I want to do public interest work in a health law field, possibly bioethics, so the $ is a consideration
--I hate debt and it makes me anxious
--My fiance and family are in Boston and I'd like to be near them, but New York is close enough
--I love everything about New York and think I'd like to practice there eventually (90% sure)
--BU has offered me no money (I've asked) and I've been less than enthused about their admissions office
--Minnesota seems great, but I'm not much of a fan of being in Minnesota and I know I don't want to stay there (or in the midwest)--if they were not so regional, I'd be really interested in going there, especially given their good bioethics program.  Also, they've been super nice and warm and accommodating.

Anyone want to weigh in here?  Do you think a UMN degree is portable?  Is it tolerable to live in the twin cities for 3 years?  Is BU that much better than BLS if I don't want to do biglaw? 

As you can see, I'm leaning towards BLS, but if you think this is a mistake, I want to hear your thoughts!  Please help!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / LOCI before WL letter? NW/UVA/UMich
« on: February 27, 2008, 10:38:26 AM »
So I fully expect to be waitlisted at UVA and UMich and possibly Northwestern.  I was hoping to boost my chances by improving my score on the Feb LSAT, but the score is exactly the same (167).

Does anyone think it might be worthwhile, despite this, to write a LOCI NOW instead of two weeks from now, when I will presumably have heard? 

Is it easier to move from the presumed waitlist category before the letter is sent than after? 

And can anyone confirm whether it is true that last year 40% of UVA's class was admitted off the waitlist?

Thank you!

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