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I apologize for the Eeyore-ish, woe-is-me tone of my post--I realize that law school message boards are replete with such threads this time of year.

I'm a rising 2L at a school ranked from 15-30. Was slightly below median after right fall semester, but plunged well into the bottom quartile thanks in part to personal circumstances which have since been resolved. :cry: Grades are topsy-turvy and all over the place, ranging from awesome to awesomely bad. I've been positively devastated over the past week. I'm having difficulty concentrating on anything for a sustained period of time and often feel sick to my stomach.

I went to law school for "idealistic" reasons. I was never gunning for BigLaw to begin with. Interested in practice areas like prosecution, indigent legal aid, family law, immigration, juvenile justice, etc. Truly love my summer gig and the pro bono work I did during 1L, but concerned about the future given my unenviable position. Debt will be ~$80K total thanks to a merit scholly, outside schollies/fellowships, and folks helping out with living expenses--not bad, but nothing to sneeze at.

Can I overcome this? I personally don't want to leave, but in life what we desire is not always what's best for us. If anyone can provide some guidance and TLC, I would greatly appreciate it.

*crawls into a hole*  :'(

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