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Studying for the LSAT / Questions on retaking and logic games
« on: October 26, 2007, 02:37:31 PM »
Since I am quite new here, some background (feel free to move on to the numbered questions below if you don't want to read a novel).  My underwhelming undergraduate career resulted in a 2.91 GPA.  At that time, I had no intentions of becoming a lawyer, thus the lack of effort.  I have been out of school for 5 years working in the IT department of a large law firm, and now I would like to attend law school.  I took the LSAT in September and scored a 167.  I was short on study time for it, but I used my methods mixed with what worked from Kaplan's methods. 

This applies to my questions minimally, but here is what I have found from Kaplan's methods:

Logical Reasoning:  I do these by the book the Kaplan way.  I missed 1 question on each LR section on the September test.

Reading Comprehension:  Roadmapping slowed me down too much while reading, thus negatively impacting both speed and comprehension of the passage.  However, their approach of keeping the topic, scope, purpose, and main idea in mind along with their approach to the questions worked pretty well.  I missed 3 question on the RC section of the September test. 

Logic Games:  I'm torn on this.  This was my strongest section coming in, but looking at the Kaplan methods completely destroyed however I did these.  I had to build back up from barely being able to work one game in 15 minutes to getting to the point the week of the test where I did two practice sections perfectly in under 35 minutes (each).  I knew I would be susceptible to games that were slightly foreign to me, and the September LSAT fit the bill.  I ran out of time and had to just guess 'C' on all questions for one game, resulting in me missing 8 questions here.  Bad news is that Kaplan's methods screwed with what worked before, but good news is that I could use them to build my score back up a bit better.

Now back to my plight.  If I can straighten out my LG performance, it would seem a score in the 175 range would be possible.  Considering a low GPA and some work experience, it would seem that I should focus on schools that reward LSAT scores.  With that in mind, even bumping from a 167 to a 175 would seem to improve my chances at quite a few schools. 

All of that to ask a few simple questions.  Answers are helpful, as well as explanations for the answers.

1)  What are your general thoughts on retaking in my situation?  Good, bad, waste of time, need to do it to make up for abysmal GPA, etc.

2)  There are several schools that I believe I have a solid chance of getting into with my current stats.  Is it okay to go ahead and apply at these schools without telling them that I'm retaking in December?  Obviously any school that averages LSAT scores would need to be notified, but most (if not all) that I'm looking at don't. 

3)  I'm considering looking at a different approach for LG if I retake.  Would the Logic Games Bible be worthwhile?  Either way, is anyone familiar with the differences between approaches between Kaplan and other test prep companies for LG? 

Thank you for your time, answers, and/or flames.  This site has been very helpful.

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