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I had a very weird phone call the other day from a school I've already been accepted to.  The admissions coordinator left a voicemail on my cell phone late in the day Friday, and I didn't have a chance to call back until Monday afternoon.  I left her a voicemail at that time and she returned my call around 30 minutes later.  I answered the phone and when she said, "This is _____ with X Law School," I said, "Oh hello, how are you doing?" to which she replied, "Uhhh...kay."  Now, I had assumed she was calling to see if I had any questions about the school or to discuss my scholarship offer.  Instead, she said to me, "I see you put on your application that you attended X (this school)."  I just said, "Yes...?" and she said, "Well, you didn't."  I was a bit taken aback by her rudeness (her voice inflection is hard to describe over the Internet, suffice it to say it was not pleasant), but I simply replied, "Well, I am not earning my undergraduate degree from X, but I do have some credit hours from your school."  The application said former students (NOT graduates) do not have to pay an application fee, so I didn't send one in with my app.  I sent my apps in back in October and was accepted by this school in December.  It is a little late for them to be noticing.  Anyway, at this point, she informs me that my credits do not count since they were from a dual-credit program and demands that I pay her the application fee immediately over the phone.  I explained to her that I did not have my credit card with me right now, and even if I did, I do not give my credit card number out over the phone for privacy reasons.  To this she responded, "That is too bad, I need the fee NOW."  I asked her if she could send me a bill or give me an address to mail in a check, and she said, "I prefer payment by phone.  What is your credit card number?"  Again, I explained that I do not have the card with me and don't give out my info over the phone anyway.  She asked a third time for my number and I said I would try to get the matter resolved, thank you and goodbye then hung up.

Now, here's the situation: I am NOT attending this school.  In fact, I had been drafting my withdrawl letters for a couple of days, but I just hadn't sent them in yet.  I am VERY overqualified for this school (LSAT about 10 points above median, GPA about .6 above median) and they have offered me a generous scholarship as well as a research asst position.  When I applied, this school was at the very bottom of my list, I only applied because they are very close to home -- in case I had a financial breakdown this year, I could live at home for awhile and go to this school (I tend to be a worrier and want to have all bases covered).  However, my finances are fine and I have already decided on another school to attend.

What do I do?  Do I pay the app fee even though I am not attending the school, I AM a former student, and the lady was extremely rude to me?  Or do I just mail in a withdrawl letter and hope they take the hint?

Sorry so long, but I really don't know what to do here.  I just have a hard time sending in the money after the way I was treated -- this lady was also rude to me at a law school fair.

Law School Admissions / Employment - Month, Day, Year
« on: October 28, 2007, 10:05:56 PM »
I am applying to UT and one of their mandatory attachments is a resume including dates of employment.  It specifies "location (city and state) and dates of employment (month/day/year)."  The problem is, I do not know the exact day I started and ended a job.  Should I guess on an approximate date or just go with month and year?  I know the months for sure, but the exact days I just don't know.

Law School Admissions / Yeah
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Law School Admissions / Yeah
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