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hi all -

did anyone here get into georgetown when they were in the low 25% or otherwise didn't have spectacular numbers?  perhaps you are a nontrad or wrote something cool in your ps?  i'm just wondering how the numbers/soft factors thing plays out. i figured someone over here might have a better reference than those of us waiting for responses from apps on the prelaw side.


i just found my university has a subscription to the site.

on their msg boards is a post from someone who says a friend of hers didn't submit a ps but still got into some T1s.  her numbers were pretty stellar, of course, and she could have done better if she HAD done the ps, but anyways...

anyone not writing one or not submitting it to safety schools or anything?

just curious... i still can't think of a single thing that makes me stand out. i'm a white female, middle class, my only academic awards are two dean's lists (might be more depending on this and next semester, but the schools won't see that) and an honors from my major (not the school), i have no exciting work experience (cust svc, HR, restaurants) because i just did what i needed to do to get through school.  the 5 years between high school and college and i wrote poetry and did readings (definitely what adcomms are looking for ha ha).

i haven't volunteered or done anything crazy because i just didn't have the time. i live on my own with no family support so i just work and go to school. i don't have time for unpaid internships (or even paid because it wasn't enough $$ to make up for the loss of my real job $$).  i don't have time to commit to a leadership position. i go to a satellite campus for the state U, so there is only ever one section of a class - i have to take it when it's offered, so my schedule is usually pretty crazy. 

my town is so small that it's hard to find opportunities to do things that would work around my schedule.  not trying to say "woe is me" but really, some of us just don't have that opportunity. 

but my challenges are challenges that anyone has faced if they have lived on their own since 18 or so and worked their way through college.  i've read these ps about people who worked a 530AM - 9AM job and then took engineering classes all day then helped out at the Y or some soup kitchen every evening, not to mention was class president, dean's list every semester, etc etc.

that's not me. never could be.  i need to sleep, go to the gym every so often, read something not related to school. 

i'm starting to think i'd be better off just NOT writing a PS if it's optional for the schools i'm looking at because everything i try to write ends up being trite.  i've read lots of great advice in books and on here, but i'm just at an end.  my friends try to help but it doesn't really work. 

i feel so negative nancy ::)

maybe someone can help me.

i get all inspired and excited about an idea.  i go to the computer. i start writing.  i get a paragraph or two or three. then i think, wow, this isn't going anywhere positive! how is this going to show the adcomm i am law school material? 

i started to write about an ethical dilemna i faced in a job, but then it got too complicated to keep short but didn't make sense without extra detail.

then i tried writing about no one in my family has gone to college or even graduated from college.  but then it just didn't seem quite right.

everything ends up sounding forced. i even tried several times just writing whatever came into my head. and that didn't work either. i got all kinds of ideas but they didn't pan out.

as far as i can tell, finishing this semester without imploding will be a great accomplishment. i have 19 credits and my cat won't stop meowing at me.

my boyfriend is upset that all i seem to talk about is either school or applying to law school and none of my friends have a clue about this.  they just say nice things like "oh, you're so smart! you'll get in, don't worry!" get into cooley, maybe! ha.

i'm usually a pretty good writer. and lord knows i like to talk about myself.  i' m thinking maybe i need to stop thinking about it for a few weeks and give my brain a rest.

ok, so i've started like eight different drafts of my ps and all on various topics.
but i get done the first paragraph and i'm like, hmm, where am i going with this?

i've read great books about it and lots of great samples. i know i need to show is not apparent from my resume and app, what i would like the adcomms to know about me.

i think that everything i write will make them go "hmm..nope" after the first paragraph. it's just not interesting!!!!

ok, i'm done now. just needed to vent.  :P

Law School Admissions / who wants to read a resume?
« on: October 30, 2007, 09:24:03 PM »
any takers?

that's pretty much it.  couldn't find a thread about it or an answer on google.

i was raised by my grandparents - they legally adopted me when i was a baby.
so when apps ask for parent info, i put deceased for father, but mother, i'm not sure about.

she's not exactly retired, i mean she worked at some point, but not during my lifetime.
she is old (82) and has dementia and progressively worsening alzheimer's. my biological uncle (her son) has a mother-in-law apartment for her next to his home and takes care of her. (he's trained and all that, he did the investment thing and doesn't have to work so he can provide the care she needs, which is nice.)  she's not bed ridden or anything, she just can't remember anything for real long (like what she had for lunch).

anyways, he takes care of her affairs.  so to say "retired" for her on the application implies a different situation than what exists.  should i put "under medical care" or something?

General Off-Topic Board / unpleasant evening - can't sleep
« on: October 28, 2007, 09:54:44 PM »
i had to call the cops on my downstairs neighbor because she was beating her kid so badly.
i'm not even sure if that's correct grammar.

it was frightening.  i had just settled in to a nice bath when the screaming started. not their usual noise either - this was blood curdling dramatic-movie type screaming.  this kid kept yelling no stop no no stop.

i've never called the cops on anyone.  i started bawling on the phone with 911.  when the cops came the 911 operator told me i could hang up.  i grabbed my book bag my laptop and some clothes and went around the corner to my friend's house. i thought i was gonna throw up. it was horrific.  i'm still there.
i can't sleep.

i just keep seeing the same thing - i heard their door open and told the 911 operator that it sounded like they were leaving.  she told me to see if it was on foot or by car.  i went down and pulled back the curtain so i could peek out.  the door was half open and the little boy was crouched in the doorway with his hands up screaming and crying. i could only see the mom's shadow. her hand was raised and she had what looked like and extension cord or wires or cables in her hand. 

i've led a privileged life.  i have never seen violence outside of the occasional bar fight.  these people downstairs yell all the time but this was just different. it was almost 5 hours ago. but i'm still shook up by it. 

sorry if this is an inappropriate post, but all my friends are asleep right now.  i'm just dreading going back tomorrow.  i always knew some parents were bad parents, but i had never seen anything like that.  i seriously thought this woman was going to kill her son.  i hope i never hear another child scream like that again.

i don't have the stomach for social work. i'd cry every night over the kids i couldn't help.   

since i don't know anyone in the real world studying for the lsat, there's only one place i can gleefully declare that i've gone from the range of 155-158 to...162!!  i must be learning something from the logical reasoning bible!!

i'm so happy.  i hope it's not a fluke.  but it's the highest i've ever scored on a practice test!!!

i know someone wants to tell me it was just an easy test... i don't care! i'm just so happy to have FINALLY gotten a score on a timed prep test that was over 158!!!


the app for W&L asks for anything other than a parking ticket or something that was expunged.
i had one speeding ticket many years ago, about a year after i got my license. i'm pretty sure i was 18 but i'm not positive.  is there a way to find out what my "criminal record" is? 
is this something they would check?  i think i was doing 50 in a 35.

what about accidents?  i honestly don't remember if i ever got a ticket for an accident because i was never at fault except for one (same deal, around time turned 18).  if i had one, my parents would have paid it.

can i do a background check on myself like a credit report?

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