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Law School Admissions / Requesting Reports
« on: October 17, 2007, 02:00:43 PM »
Most of the schools I've applied to requested reports very soon after my applications were submitted via LSAC - some in fact requested the LSDAS report within hours of my application being transmitted. However, one of the schools has yet to request a report, even though I submitted my application  over two weeks ago. Is this standard practice for some schools? Or should I be concerned? I seem to remember reading a thread that indicated some schools only request reports infrequently, perhaps every couple of weeks, although most request reports as applications are received.

I'm sure a call to the school would answer all my questions, but I've noticed that many schools mention on their websites that prospective students should not call to inquire about the status of their application unless a significant amount of time has passed. Plus, I would hate to be remembered as the applicant who called in a panic in the first few weeks of October to find out why I hadn't gone complete. Anyone else out there waiting for a school to request a report?

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