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Hi all :)
I have a question, please-
I have been rescheduling/postponing taking the LSAT for about two years now. This has been for many different reasons- either I was too nervous, not prepared or work got in the way.

My question is when I finally do take the test- I'm reeeeally hoping to take it in Sept 09 finally, will it look bad to the schools I apply to? Will they be like, why has this girl postponed taking the LSAT so many times?

Thanks in advance!

Hello all-
I've been preparing to take the LSAT/Apply since 2007.
I got two professor letters in around October 2007.
After much fear/other factors/consideration, I won't be applying til 09 (For Fall 2010).

Will these two professor letters be okay to use? I've been starting to think they'll be considered "old"- though I have been out of school since 2005. I'm also planning on getting current letters from my employers (I work at a law firm).

Any advice? Will using those two older professor letters still be okay?

I'm scheduled for the upcoming October LSAT but if I see that I am not progressing throughout this last month, I'd like to change the test date to the next LSAT date. When is the last possible day I can do this?

Thanks all!

I have another dilemma. I went to change my test date to Feb. and saw that it was a non-disclosed test. SHould I still go ahead and take it in Feb?

Studying for the LSAT / I'm postponing LSAT to February- Need Advice
« on: November 14, 2007, 02:14:34 PM »
Hi everyone-
After much thought (as usual) I have decided I'm going to take the LSAT in February now.
I can't believe after originally signing up for September I am yet again postponing.
I am actually feeling a lot better about it and went from scoring 140s on my practice tests to scoring 160 on my last one.
Anyhow, its hard to miss the application cycle and wait another year but in the long run I think its worth it.

Ok, so my questions are: Any advice on what I should be doing these next two months before February? I have already taken a prep course.
Also, I would really like to get into NYU, Columbia or Fordham.
MY GPA is 3.66. What LSAT score would you recommend I get to get into each? Do I have any sort of chance getting into any of the 3 if I continue and wind up getting a 160?

Thank you to all!!! :)

I am taking the Dec. 1st LSAT and have most of my application requirements in at LSAC. Should I have them send over everything before my score? Or as soon as I get my score just have them send everything completed to the schools?

Thank you!

I'm still debating whether to apply for next fall. I'm taking the LSAT in December but think it may just be wise to apply for Fall 09 instead.
Im going to be applying to NYC schools only- St. Johns, Brooklyn, Hofstra- and depending on LSAT score- Fordham, NYU.

Has anyone gone through a similar experience where they took the LSAT in Dec and applied?

Any thoughts/tips would be very welcomed.


Hi guys-
I'm still debating whether to apply for next fall. I'm taking the LSAT in December but think it may just be wise to apply for Fall 09 instead.
Anyhow, I already have my letters of recommendation in LSAC. Can these still be used if I apply in a year? Will they be looked at as "old"?
Thank you!

Studying for the LSAT / Should I wait and take the LSAT in December?
« on: September 14, 2007, 05:47:34 AM »
Hi everyone,
Last time I wrote a post I wasnt going past the 140s in my diagnostics. But I started a prep class and now think I can score around a 155, maybe higher if lucky.
But- I'm starting to think maybe I should wait to take the test in December. I can take my prep class over for free and get more studying in.
I am already registered for September but I dont mind losing the money as long as I know the decision to take it in December is wiser.
I would be applying to schools in NYC as this is where I'd like to stay. I'd like to apply to St. John's, Fordham, etc.
I am worried however that taking it in December will make me have to wait another year to start school (not til 2009). I really wanted to start Fall 2008. I am already 24 and although I know thats not old I already feel way behind.
What does everyone think?
Thank you!!!

Choosing the Right Law School / What law school in NY?
« on: August 27, 2007, 01:03:48 PM »
Hello all-
I am interested in either Family Law or Entertainment Law. Can you give me advice on which schools in NYC would be good for these programs?
Thank you!

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