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i have been working on LSAT for almost 1 month, -( have a full time job); just last night i did the test of June,2002;  i finshed the test according the time;  but i only got 40 correct answers!!!

i felt very very disappointed, how about you guys performance?? thanks

do u think how much i can improve in the next 2 months?  thx

i am 32 yrs now, should i go to study law? plus,i am a minority...

i immigranted to canada in 2006, now i am working as a survival job because when i first came here i supported my wife to take co-op course,  now she found a decent job; so,it's my turn to go back to school ( i got my master degree in my home country, my university is recognized by canada----my GPA is pretty high, coz i know i used to be a top student);

this year we just bought a single house in toronto,so,i want to ask:
1)  is it possible for me to go to school? i am 32 yrs now, i am preparing for LSAT currently; is it too old for me?
2)   should a lawyer/law student has to be exercellent at spoken English? E is my 2nd language;
3)   if i can go to law school, how can i pay my tuition? coz we have to pay the mortgage,too?  commercial loan? or,grants>>>??

for me,i have to work while preparing for LSAT  :(

thank you guys for your comments.


any one is preparing for LSAT in GPA now? i live in mississga,can we contact ?

how do u guys prepare for LSAT?

WHEN you guys will take the test?

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