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Current Law Students / Question on Tiers...
« on: July 27, 2007, 04:03:11 PM »
In reading through these posts, there seems to be a HUGE emphasis on the tier ratings of the schools.  It's almost a snobbery that goes on and it confuses me.

I am going to be honest here.  I am admitted to a T4 school (was T3, but dropped this last year).  The school is Willamette University.  Willamette has a huge and powerful reputation in Oregon.  Several US Senators, Reps, Federal Court Judges, and 2 current Oregon Supreme Court Justices are alumni.  Willamette has wonderful intern/externship opportunities with county/state/and large private firms.  Their ADR program is ranked 6th in the nation.  Oh, and did I mention that they are the oldest university west of the Mississippi.  Their facaulty are graduates of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and so on and most have actually practiced law.

Yet, I have had several people on boards look at the tier rating and urge me to look at other schools.  I am wondering why that is?

In addition, several posters have turned their noses up at Cooley and other schools in the T4 ranking.

I guess my point is that the law is a competitive occupation and it is very elite.  There are limited seats available, with only about what 190 law schools in the nation.  Many people never make it into law school because they cannot get accepted.  So why the snobbery?

I actually chose Willamette over a Tier 1 school.  Why many have asked?  Because I am a single mom and I need help with my daughter.  My family is here, not in Pennsylvania.  My daughter comes first. And frankly, I have no intentions of leaving the Pacific Northwest, so it makes sense to go to a regional school.

Anyway, can someone explain the snobbery to me?

For anyone taking the LSAT, location matters!!!!!

Before registering for a site, go and visit it.  See if you can find out what room it is administered in.

This sounds like a trivial thing, but believe me it is not.  I originally scheduled my LSAT exam for Sept of '06, but was seriously unprepared, so rescheduled for December. I had to change locations.  While I knew where it was being tested at, and had been on the college campus, I did not think about enviornment or anything.

Test day comes.  I feel prepared and psyched out.  And then:  Band practice downstairs, co-eds running through the halls, and an air-conditioner that is broken.  I kid you not.  If this sounds trivial to you, believe me it is not.  It seriously breaks your concentration.  I scored much, much, much lower than any practice exams that I took (and I know that lower is expected, but this was EXTREME).

Take this test seriously, and make sure you know the site.

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