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When freaking test companies like Kaplan can give you scores instantly with little technology.

LSAC is so behind the teams. You have to fax them information. The test should be on a computer with the games on paper so that you sketch on them and you should get your score instantly.

This is so silly. Its like they won't get with the times to drive people crazy. I understand if their was a writing portion that was graded. But its strictly a scantron test!

We have the technology . Have a test every 2 months. You are given your test booklet. And you bubble in the answers online. That way you prevent misbubbling  and its timed.

They are stuck in the 90s.

Thanks if anyone knows

3 email adress is

PM or email me the answers. thanks. and scale possibly

1. I wrote in the first  few pages and then realized powerscore is not for  me. I eraced the pencil marks. No exercises are done. Only the  notes in the margin of the intro pages.95 percent of the book is unmarked and clean. And i bought the examkracker books.

So i am selling  a Jan 2007 Powerscore games bible i bought last week for 30 dollars

And  20 dollars for a unmarked game set ups guide.

Both together 50 dollars  plus 5 dollars shipping depending on where you are located.

Studying for the LSAT / Waitlisted for June 2008 LSAT
« on: February 26, 2008, 01:16:34 PM »
Will  I get my first  testing spot guranteed? The women said  i am guranteed to take the LSAT but i am guranteed at the test center i want?

What kind of crap is this? Everything is  full before  March?

Studying for the LSAT / The Feb LSAT SUCKS
« on: February 22, 2008, 04:29:45 PM »
15 POINTS below my average. What a shock. 150 . FREAKING 150.

I suspect i got a 4  out of 23 on logic games because i was guessing  and doing hyptoheticals on all of them. 

It sucks how 1 section can kill a score.  I think thetest is nonsense. It does not measure intellegence. It depends on content.

I did not score a 150 on my first test.

Now i have to get approval from a school to take the test again since i cancelled my other chances.

Next time if i get a chance to take the test i am not doing a thing the final 3 weeks. And i am not  busting my ass. Prep scores mean 0. Its just learning the content.

I did not work hard on pure sequencing games and hard hybrids because i have not seen them since 2003.

Thats life.

1.Borderline impossible comparitive reading. This was not the usual hard passage. You can not just answer the main point  and structure questions. It was a complex issue that i am sure most people really did not know much about.

2. Borderline crazy hybrid game

3. No basic linear game. ( it was a pure sequencing game) takes me longer than linear games.

4. Logic reasoning questions difficulty not in their usual order. Some people i talked about how their timing was off. Mine was too. I looked at my watch and i was on question 9 and 15 minutes had passed.  I ended up finihing because the questions seemed to get easier towards the end. But i think a lot of people did not even get to those questions.

I am calling it now. Oct 97 scale. Of course we will never know.

Studying for the LSAT / The Feb test made me feel like a Lab rat
« on: February 02, 2008, 05:24:30 PM »
Did anyone else get this feeling?  There was all kinds of new questions. And the difficulty of the questions were out of  order more than usual.

I still think i did okay. But do they use these test for expiermental purposes? That is why they are undisclosed? I have taken every test since 1998 and have never seen logical reasoning questions like that.

I guess RC was fair.

I guessed on a  few game questions. And finished both LR and RC in time.  I felt fine after the test about getting at least a decent score.

But reading this forum it makes me feel like i bombed. Has anyone felt like they bombed and did well when the scores came back?

She kept talking and asking the proctor things. The proctor tried to make her quiet but she did not undertand. Her phone  kept ringing. It sounded like she was crying but i have no clue what about.

Everyone was pissed. Thank God i studied in public places. That stuff would kill me before.  They should of put her in a seperate room.

She ended up leaving during the writing sample anyways. I don't think she knew you had to attempt it.

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