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I was researching the likelihood of returning back to CA if I went out-of-state and noticed lots of lawyers at law firms and companies where the lawyer in question is not admitted to the CA bar. How is it possible to work as a lawyer and not be admitted?  Do they only work as counsel and do not actually practice?  If anyone knows please drop a word.  Thanks.

Law School Admissions / When to apply?
« on: July 04, 2004, 10:40:41 AM »
Since I haven't read any posts on my current dilemma, I thought I'd ask for some advice. 

Unlike most of you, I never even thought about going to grad school til this April.  Due to a myriad of reasons, my first 2 academic yrs of college took me about 7 actual yrs with intermittent enrollment.  While working I took some community college courses to increase productivity at work and just for my own personal interests.  I didn't concentrate on grades because they didn't matter to me and I never thought I would go back to earn a Bachelor's. These courses really hurt because I got 2 D's and 1 F.  Spring 2003 was my first semester back and I've gotten a 4.0 since.  My cum GPA is now 3.47 and rising.

I took the LSAC practice LSAT in the comfort of my own home in May.  I got a 154 with about 3 extra minutes added because I didn't turn off the phone ringer.  Knowing that the LSAT is going to determine my future for possibly the rest of my life, I borrowed the $1200 I needed for an LSAT prep course.  I've already seen a huge improvement and we're only about a third of the way through.  Currently, I think I can score about a 158-165, but our next diagnostic isn't til 7/17.  After completing the course if I continue to improve, I might be able to score between 168-170, but that's all speculation.

My question is I have no idea how admissions will take my unconventional education and life experiences (which is another story).  I want to have all my apps (btwn 10-15) done by Sept. 1 to increase my chances of admittance and so I don't have to deal with them during the semester, BUT as you all know the LSAT isn't til Oct. 2 and the results won't be known til Oct. 25.  Should I go ahead and drop the grand on all the apps and spend all that time completing them or should I wait for my LSAT score?

Btw, I'm 37, female, Asian, and applying to all the UC schools (CA, not CO or CT), some midwest schools (maybe I can get in on diversity), and a couple 3rd tier schools.

Sorry this post is so long, thanks for all your input.

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