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I asked my recommender to write me a letter in the middle of August, and he was really nice and agreed.

It's nearing the middle of September and I haven't heard anything else from him. Should I do anything at all? Or will he come to me when he's ready?

Any help is greatly appreciated, I don't want to do anything to aggravate my prof.

Thanks! :)

Hi, thanks for reading.

So my dilemma is this:
I did a decent amount of extra-currics at my community college (Vice President of an honors society for a year; got an award from a language honors society; volunteered at a day care center for half a year; did an internship for a politician running for state assembly) but this Fall I am starting classes at UCLA and other than joining a Pre-Law society, I would not like to do any more ECs so that I can focus on school and studying for the LSAT.

Granted that I did extremely well on my LSAT and had a terrific GPA (a big assumption, for the sake of information), would those ECs be sufficient enough to get into a school like NYU (my dream school)?
And is there anything else I need to worry about?

Thanks in advance.

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