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Ok so as a newer member to this board, I have noticed many references to this poster, and her [confirmed?] obscene number of posts. Now I have far from enough time to catch up on her multitudinous posts, so how about you link me to the KEY posts so I can judge her true character.

Took it pretty much cold. Actual 1996 test. Had done about an hour's worth of work on logic games before taking this. Will be a junior next year, but don't plan ton devoting my life to studying for this test. I was really upset with the stupidity of the mistakes I did make. Didn't miss any on the logic games. What score can I expect once all is said and done?

EDIT: Please note this was under timed conditions. I had 3-5 minutes left over on the analytical reasoning sections (the ones I lost most of the points on), 90 seconds left on logic games and 4:30 left on reading comp.

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