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Choosing the Right Law School / Generic what to do topic.
« on: January 07, 2008, 09:56:59 AM »
Hello all,

My situation is this...

My first two years of college were terrible (Straight F's, D's), however, I had some pretty bad panic attacks during this period which was the reason for these grades.  I'm not trying to play the feel bad for me i r special.  My last two years of college GPA is a 3.78 bringing my cumulative to a 3.4.  LSAT was a 170.

I really have hopes of Fordham.  I've looked at the numbers for almost everywhere, but I'm a bit jaded right now and it's hard to actually look at this objectively. Maybe I should be shooting for some lower tier schools?

Sorry for wasting your time with this nonsense and thank you for your help.  Even though I haven't actually posted on this board so much I've been a long time viewer and owe my LSAT to success to you the users (Award speech). :)

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