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looking at that calender, the supreme court is only in session 79 days for the entire term, from october to september. of course, there's a lot of legwork that goes into, but how much do they actually do? They get hired in October, and work through June. Are they putting in 40 hour weeks? It would be interesting to know.

Law School Admissions / Accepted 08/09
« on: October 22, 2008, 05:28:17 PM »
I thought we could keep a tab in here of what schools have started accepting people

Duke (ED) and RD..10/11
Florida State..10/20
Virginia (ED and RD)..10/22
William and Mary.. 11/12
Depaul.. 11/13
Notre Dame..11/15
Pitt.. 11/18
Ohio State...11/18
UConn.. 11/21
Michigan State..11/21
Harvard.. 11/24
Columbia (ED)..11/25
Penn (ED).. 11/25

just post in here and i'll add it.

I'm also adding any reported acceptances from LSN or TLS.

Choosing the Right Law School / Which schools have pretty good LRAPs?
« on: October 20, 2008, 11:33:40 PM »
pretty self explanatory.. I looked around abit, and it seemed that Michigan had a good one, and Vanderbilt's sucked, at least in comparison to Michigan.

Hint: They'd probably be the same number.

Choosing the Right Law School / What's a 1L schedule like?
« on: October 11, 2008, 11:30:18 PM »
This goes out to 1Ls and 2Ls or anyone for that matter can throw in their input if they want. I'm just curious to see what an actual schedule is like for 1Ls.. like what time the classes are and how often they are per week... also, I was curious to see if schools have the same time constraints/schedules for every class they have. Does every 1L, every year, at Penn for example, have Con Law mondays at 10? Also, if you don't mind, how do you fit your studying into this schedule.. when/where/how?

Choosing the Right Law School / Law school rankings game
« on: October 07, 2008, 05:13:38 PM »

If somebody posted this before, then ignore the post. But this is kind of interesting none the less. You plug the ratio you find things important, and they rank the law schools on that. I've been playing with it for like 20 minutes. You can alter everything you might need.

In a Cooley style twist, the school (Indiana Bloomington) has added another factor that you can make important, which is "Tibetan Food within 600 m", and when you make that important at all in your ratio, IU B becomes number 1, with Pitt number 2. All the other rankings stay the same.

I thought that was pretty good tongue in cheek humor from them.

General Off-Topic Board / This could be devastating..
« on: September 30, 2008, 03:54:06 PM »
As many of you may know, I'm living overseas right now, in New Zealand. As probably none of you know, I am an unbelievably huge Chicago Cubs fan. The playoffs are starting wednesday night, and I realized that the online feed I bought for the regular season to watch games live doesn't work anymore. I also just found out that ESPN, which has an American sports station here, doesn't have the contract to broadcast any playoff games overseas, or, if it does, has decided that the Champions League is more important.

I seriously do not know what to do. The game cannot be watched on television or on the internet, although for a fee I can listen to the game on the radio live and watch the game an hour after it ends. This is probably the best chance my team has had to win the world series in 100 years, and to miss it would be horrible. Anyone have ideas???????????????

Law School Admissions / Does LGBT give a bump?
« on: September 29, 2008, 08:06:13 PM »
In law schools neverending pursuit of diversity, does LGBT help your chances? I was looking at the W & L application, and they had a box that I could check if I wanted to mark my sexual orientation under groups I would like to be seen as part of (nearly all the other options were race related). Do you guys think it helps at all, and, if so, how do they get you to prove it? It just seemed interesting that it was grouped with all the other racial signifiers that always give a bump

Choosing the Right Law School / 1l class sizes
« on: September 28, 2008, 12:56:50 AM »
Does anyone have a list of the 2008-2009 1L class sizes for each school? I realized that I was applying to schools and I didn't even know the actual amount of people they typically started with. All I can find is some basic info on LSAC, but if anyone knows some numbers, post please.


General Off-Topic Board / Hair length.
« on: September 22, 2008, 04:57:13 PM »
I'm a guy, and I'll be starting at LS in 2009. I know that the law is a pretty conservative profession, and I wanted to know how long hair is viewed. I've been traveling overseas for about a year, and have grown my hair while I've been here. I've gotten pretty used to it being long- right now its about upper shoulder length-  and it's well taken care of and groomed. I don't really think it would effect me while I'm actually at LS per say, but what about when I have interviews. Even if it is shortened to neck length, and in good condition, what would the people interviewing me think, from a general point of view?

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