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Law School Admissions / Harvard March '08 ASW (post-mortem)
« on: March 19, 2008, 01:53:16 AM »

(I didn't see another thread - if there is one, I'm sorry :) )

Law School Admissions / Decision Dates (2007-2008)
« on: October 31, 2007, 01:08:50 AM »
Hi All!

So, seeing as the fee waiver thread is going to die at some point and I need continued procrastination in my life, I am going to try and start a decision dates thread for this cycle. So far, we have:

Official list:

Duke (priority track) - Sept 19 (e-mail)
Miami - Oct 22 (snail-mail)
Georgetown - Oct 30 (snail-mail)
Minnesota - Nov 2 (phone)
U of Texas - Nov 3 (snail-mail)
FSU - Nov 9 (snail-mail)

Not enough points yet:

UCLA - Nov 7 (phone) - 2 points
Samford - Oct 31 (snail-mail) - 2 points
American - Nov 8 (snail-mail) - 3 points

Now, for some ground rules to make this more sane.

It seems to me that I'm going to have to put in some structure to make sure that the decisions noted here are real. So, here's my scheme for doing so:

In order for a school to be listed in this post, it must rack up 6 points. Here are some point values:

A user with 20-49 posts claims to have been accepted: 1 point.
A user with 50-99 posts claims to have been accepted: 2 points.
A user with 100+ posts claims to have been accepted: 3 points.
For each legitimate-looking claim of acceptance on LSN: 1 point (up to 4 points).

Users with a history of flaming don't count. If all of the points for a school get racked up within the space of 7 days, then the first day will count as official. Otherwise, the day of the earliest point-earning event within 7 days of the final points being earned will be what I list here.

NB: I realize that this is insane and that you don't want to deal with it. That's okay - I'll figure it out. Just make sure to post if you get a decision that hasn't been added to the OP yet. I've designed the system so that at least one post here is required before the school can go on the list - LSN alone can't do it. I will start to monitor the LSN reports for a school as soon as someone claims to be accepted. I realize this may turn into a shitshow - let's play it by ear.

Once a school has been added to this post, please don't post about your acceptance here. There are plenty of individual school threads and the 'Accepted Today' thread for you to express your excitement :)

There's an invaluable little lesson that I need to share with everyone:

If you can find any way to have something (including LOR's) sent to LSAC via FedEx, do it that way.

I guess I should clarify that this only applies if you are, like most here, obsessed with everything being in and processed as quickly as possible.

My reasons are as follows:

  • The documents will not get lost.
  • You'll know exactly when they're delivered, and it will be quick.
  • Best of all, documents FedEx-ed to LSAC don't end up in the normal PO box mail bag. Instead, they end up in a magical land of happiness where they get processed within about 36 hours. This has been the case for two recs that I submitted during the past couple of weeks, while others seem to be waiting forever.

But ManTGeo, you say, how do I do this in terms of logistics?

First, you need a FedEx account number - I got mine a long time ago, but I think it's an easy process that involves signing up on the website or by phone with a credit card.

Then, you go online and create shipments corresponding to each document you need sent, making sure to change the sender address to the appropriate LOR sender in every case. It doesn't matter at all what date you put as the sending date, I promise. The system lets you print out a shipping document. Go to a local FedEx or a FedEx drop box and pick up an express envelope for every document you need to send, and put the shipping label in the appropriate plastic enclosure on the front of each. Then, just give the envelopes to your recommenders / whoever and have them enclose everything and sign the flap like they would with a normal envelope. They can just drop it in a FedEx drop box or give it to the department secretary or whatever. You'll be able to track the shipment because you created it, and LSAC will process it the day after it is delivered (in my experience, this has been the case for both LOR's I had sent this way).

How much does it cost? Less than $15 per 3-day envelope in almost any case, and often less than than $12 for 2-day. And note that you don't get billed unless the label you printed is actually used, so there's no worry if you have to change things and discard an old label.

Law School Admissions / 2008 Applications
« on: July 19, 2007, 07:45:10 AM »
FYI, it looks like some 2008 applications are now available on!

Update: Here's what's supposedly up already (updated 8/31):

- Alabama
- AU
- BU
- Chicago
- Columbia
- Cooley
- Cornell
- Duke
- Emory
- Fordham
- George Mason
- Georgetown
- IIT Kent
- John Marshall Chicago
- Miami
- Notre Dame
- Rutgers
- W&M

Law School Admissions / Why does LSN break every five minutes?
« on: July 15, 2007, 03:10:24 PM »
Does anyone know? Has this always been the case?

I spend so much time on there procrastinating that I would be willing to pay a nominal fee for an account that is not subjected to constant outages :P

Law School Admissions / DC LSAC Forum post-mortem
« on: July 14, 2007, 02:59:07 PM »
What did everyone think? Any particularly interesting characters you met or details you learned?

Law School Admissions / 2007-2008 Fee Waiver Roll Call
« on: July 10, 2007, 01:50:04 PM »
I've updated this list based on what we have so far. The date listed is the first date anyone reported getting a waiver; second batches for Sept LSAT-takers are reported in a separate list below. I'm not including stuff that is obviously linked to LSAC forums or waivers originally for entrance before Fall '08. Only unsolicited fee waivers are included.

Last year's list is available here.

Updated 11/11:

William and Mary - July 10 (e-mail)
Duke (w/ Priority Track) - July 11 (e-mail)
Georgetown - July 11 (e-mail)
Iowa - July 12 (e-mail)
Notre Dame - July 12 (?)
Santa Clara - July 23 (e-mail)
SMU - July 23 (?)
George Mason- August 14 (snail-mail)
OU - August 17 (snail-mail)
St Louis University - August 20 (snail-mail)
Pittsburgh - August 20 (e-mail)
U of Denver - August 22 (e-mail)
Baylor - August 27 (snail-mail)
University of Cincinnati - August 28 (e-mail)
Wake Forest - August 31 (e-mail)
University of Michigan - August 31 (snail-mail)
Emory - Sept 4 (snail-mail)
University of Akron - Sept 6 (e-mail)
Washington U - Sept 7 (e-mail)
UIUC - Sept 7 (e-mail)
Indiana University - Sept 10 (snail-mail)
Santa Clara - Sept 11 (e-mail)
Cornell - Sept 12 (snail-mail)
Vanderbilt - Sept 13 (e-mail)
Quinnipiac - Sept 17 (e-mail)
NYU - Sept 17 (snail-mail)
Brooklyn - Sept 17 (snail-mail)
Suffolk - Sept 17 (snail-mail)
Washington & Lee - Sept 18 (e-mail)
Drake - Sept 18 (snail-mail)
Penn - Sept 21 (snail-mail)
Richmond - Sept 21 (snail-mail)
Cardozo - Sept 25 (e-mail)
UCLA - Sept 26 (e-mail)
Pace - Sept 26 (e-mail)
U of Texas - Sept 28 (e-mail)
Ohio State - Sept 29 (snail-mail)
Chicago - Sept 29 (snail-mail)
Temple - Oct 3 (e-mail)
Columbia - Oct 3 (e-mail)
U Arizona - Oct 8 (e-mail)
Lewis & Clark - Oct 8 (snail-mail)
Marquette - Oct 9 (e-mail)
Northwestern - Oct 12 (e-mail)
UConn - Oct 17 (e-mail)
Pepperdine - Oct 17 (snail-mail)
Oregon - Oct 17 (e-mail)
Alabama - Oct 22 (e-mail w/ iTunes offer)
U St. Thomas - Oct 22 (e-mail)
Hofstra - Oct 22 (snail-mail)
UVA - Oct 23 (e-mail)
Ava Maria - Oct 23 (e-mail)
Phoenix - Oct 31 (e-mail)
Oklahoma City University - Oct 31 (e-mail)
Thomas Jefferson - Nov 3 (snail-mail)
Tulane - Nov 5 (e-mail)
Houston - Nov 5 (snail-mail)
Case Western Reserve - Nov 7 (e-mail)
Seton Hall - Nov 8 (snail-mail)
USC - Nov 8 (snail-mail)

Second batches for Sept LSAT takers:

Columbia - Oct 22 (e-mail)
Baylor - Oct 22 (e-mail)
Washington & Lee - Oct 22 (e-mail)
William & Mary - Oct 23 (e-mail)
Temple - Oct 23 (e-mail)
Duke - Oct 23 (e-mail w/ Priority Track)
Richmond - Oct 23 (e-mail)
Vanderbilt - Oct 23 (e-mail)
UCLA - Oct 24 (e-mail)
Pittsburgh - Oct 25 (e-mail)
Notre Dame - Oct 25 (e-mail)
Suffolk - Oct 25 (snail-mail)
SMU - Oct 26 (snail-mail)
Cardozo - Oct 26 (e-mail)
Georgetown - Oct. 26 (e-mail)
WUSTL - Oct 26 (e-mail)
U of Texas - Oct 26 (e-mail)
Gonzaga - Oct 26 (e-mail)
Chicago - Oct 29 (e-mail)
Arizona - Oct 30 (e-mail)
Santa Clara - Oct 30 (e-mail)
Illinois - Oct 30 (e-mail)
Indiana - Oct 30 (snail mail)
Quinnipiac- Oct 31 (e-mail)
Saint Louis - Oct. 31 (e-mail)
Brooklyn - Oct 31 (snail-mail)
Michigan - Nov 1 (snail-mail)
Alabama - Nov 2 (e-mail)
Pepperdine - Nov 3 (snail-mail)
Northwestern - Nov 4 (e-mail)
Wake Forest - Nov 5 (snail-mail)
NYU - Nov 5 (snail-mail)
Akron - Nov 5 (e-mail)
Pace - Nov 5 (snail-mail)
George Mason - Nov 7 (snail-mail)
UPenn - Nov 8 (snail-mail)

I'll keep updating as more come in, but please make my life as easy as possible: if you are the first to post about a school's fall '08 unsolicited fee waiver, include the following, on a line by itself at the beginning of your post, IN BOLD (that is, surrounded by tags like this: [ b ]INSERT WORDS HERE[ /b ], but removing the spaces)

School - Date (Format)

If the waiver you have received has already been reported but you believe that you are the first Sept LSAT person to receive it, please follow the above instructions but use bold AND italics rather than bold alone. Thanks!

For those reading the thread and wondering what people mean when they refer to a 'hidden' fee, see page 81 of this thread. These waivers are not listed here.

Law School Admissions / Getting Fee Waivers
« on: July 02, 2007, 08:36:04 AM »
Hi all, first-time poster here,

I've read through past fee waiver roll call threads (esp,68633.0.html ) and whatever other threads about fee waivers I could find, but I'm still wondering if there are any definitive answers on a couple of specific issues. I'm not personally too concerned with getting a huge number of fee waivers, but I noticed that these issues might still be open and I was hoping to get the answers together in one concise place for everyone's sake:

  • 1. Does specifying a regional interest (specific states) on your LSAC profile increase your likelihood of getting waivers from schools in that area (the consensus seems to be yes)? Are there schools that send waivers regardless of regional interest?
  • 2. Same as 1, but for the environment type question (urban/suburban/rural) - Does specifying a specific type help, and can it hurt?
  • 3. Are there any other elements of your LSAC profile that can affect your chances of getting waivers?
  • 4. Does having your transcripts into LSAC early help? It seemed like even if your LSAC GPA hadn't been calculated yet, having at least one transcript on file with LSAC increased likelihood of getting waivers last year.
  • 5. Is it okay to ask schools for merit-based fee waivers even if they haven't offered you one? I'm thinking specifically about schools that send you promotional materials but not a fee waiver, but I guess the question can apply to all schools.

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