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Resident in Texas, so a Texas public school would be nice, but if a surrounding area (OK, AZ, NM, AR, LA threw out money might help)

My numbers are not well.
3.48 is what shows up under the App, 3.05 cumulative (lot of C's early on in JC) (3.75 last 2 semesters)
154 LSAT

28 yr old white male.  Life of poverty, projects raised, kid at eighteen and married ever since, now two kids, worked my way through undergrad while raising a family (just graduated undergrad) - all of which is spelled out in my PS.

I make now, after 8 years exp in IT 52-58k /yr, my undergrad is in Poli Sci.  Practicing law is what I want to do, if I can make at least what I make now starting out I will be happy.

At the same time I've scoured the boards for a couple of years now, I'm not going to waste it at school like Wes. or St. Mary's however.

I live close to Austin, so UT-AUstin, (i know, haha) would be excellent.
But what are realistically my options
I was rejected to Baylor and UH last cycle, but my applications weren't even sent until March 08, I took the February LSAT.

So what are the chances, and where else should I apply.  That is, if I leave Texas is there a school out there that might place better than Baylor/UH/SMU and accept my numbers?

How bad/good is TTU?  I hear it's great for Dallas/W. Texas area.  I'm not shooting for BIGLAW out of Law School, but I will bust ass in law school since Ive positioned myself to not have to work for next three years.

UT - Never applied, should I?
SMU - Never applied, very very expensive, is the cost worth it - ?
Baylor - Rejected once, possibly due to late app?
UH - Rejected once, possibly due to late app?
TTU - Never applied
STCL - Honestly, I have a wife and two kids, I wouldn't move them to Houston unless it was possibly for UofH

OU - Possibly, thoughts?
Any others?

Thank you so much for your time and input.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / University of Houston
« on: May 14, 2008, 02:43:53 PM »
Waited a good while, rejected.  Just Texas Tech left now on wait list, lots of people were sent letters to say they are no longer on wait list, that they have been rejected so I'm holding out.   I feel like I've let a lot of people down  ::)

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Texas Tech Waitlisted
« on: April 26, 2008, 06:23:46 PM »
Wait listed at Texas Tech, had hopes on this school, one of my top choices, anyone else wait listed?

Please let me know I'll PM You, I really appreciate your time.

Choosing the Right Law School / UGPA vs Cumulative
« on: April 07, 2008, 11:28:34 AM »
What do most schools look at?  I had to take night classes for community college while working full time which makes my Cumulative 3.0, however my UGPA on my LSDAS is 3.5, which will a school look at generally.

Thanks, this has probably been asked a lot but this forum doesn't have search function that I can see.


Choosing the Right Law School / Applied Late ... am I screwed?
« on: April 06, 2008, 12:41:16 PM »
I took the October LSAT and didn't like the score so I took the February LSAT... Applied to U of H & Baylor, Baylor said no.
Texas Tech sent me a solicitation offering a fee waiver and an extended time to apply, so I applied there, haven't heard.

Applied in February to all these schools
Numbers 156 / 3.4, came from a rough background and have eight years work experience + raised a family with two kids.

Nothing from U of H or Tech.

Am I screwed?
Some people are saying if I was solicited with a fee waiver I am almost a lock, is that true?

I'm more venting than anything, but any thoughts?

Living in Austin, UT is a pipe dream... 153 on the LSAT  3.4 GPA
Worked last seven years then completed undergrad; non traditional student, married with two kids, personal statement will flesh out the fact I was married at seventeen and had my first kid, worked to put wife through nursing school then turned my attention to school once she was done.  Also, my pre law advisor said to downplay as it will be hard to take in but I will also make note of the fact I grew up in the projects and the son of single parent who is a HS drop out...

My PS isn't going to mean much to UT/Baylor/UofH with those numbers but I'll roll the dice... a few questions
Where should I apply?  I would like to work for BIGLAW as people put it, but that seems to be slowly slipping out of reach with my choices of school...St Marys, and the bottom of the barrel schools are out, I can make over $50k going back to work full time in IT, and back to 60 - 70k within a year.. I want to practice law because thats what I dream of, not for the money, but I'm also a realist I won't take a job for $45k after I just did 3 yrs law school thats why st marys and the like are out...

Also another question, the Law School Caravan is coming to town next week, it essentially is a micro LSAC Forum, lots of admissions people from various law schools will be on hand... is there any upside to attending these things?  I already know a ton about every Texas law school as I've spent the last year reading about them inside and out and just looking for user's opinions, but do you really have a chance to make any type of impression that can actually help your application at these things?

I can't thank you guys enough for any input...

Choosing the Right Law School / 2nd Best School in Texas
« on: June 27, 2007, 11:33:45 PM »
I am taking the LSAT in September, just started studying and on Practice Tests score roughly 155-165 range, hopefully that will increase slightly.  My GPA at undergrad is a 3.5 but when added to my jr college it gets down to a 3.2.

I'm not a URM, I have a somewhat unique situation, Non traditional student, two kids, worked full time while pursuing degree, come from single parent home and mother never completed past sixth grade, so I am first college educated in family.

However, I am also a realist.  I currently live in Austin, wife works here as a RN for past six years at the local hospital and we both have strong desire for me to get into UT, we have not bought a house yet because we know there's a possibility we will have to move.

The real question is, if I score in the 160s-170 range and I don't get into UT, what would be considered the 2nd best school in Texas?

I moved to Austin from Waco about 8 years ago, and it's pretty much determined that I will have to move and that's just the cost of doing business, so any city such as Houston, Dallas, etc does not bother me in terms of decision.

I've read all the rankings websites, scoured the internet, etc. but all in all those are just numbers, and facts, one thing about UT that I've heard from repeated law firms (the work I did involved working with numerous law firms) is that UT is a great school but I should move out of Austin upon graduation as a lot of UT people stay and it floods the market, if that has validity I cannot say for sure of course.

But what in your opinion would be 2nd best, since a good reality check is that UT is a slim chance?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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