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Choosing the Right Law School / UVA vs. UGA - seriously!
« on: April 06, 2008, 11:28:13 PM »
OK, I think I need a reality check (one way or the other), maybe you can help!

So I'm really trying to make a decision between, basically, Virginia and Georgia. Vanderbilt is still on the table, and I really liked it when I visited, but I can't justify going there over UVA for, basically, the same price (factoring in cost of living). So UVA vs. UGA it is.

Money: I've got $21K at UVA and $10K at UGA (in-state). Assuming COL is relatively similar (close enough for gov't work), then the tuition difference means UVA costs an additional $55K in loans.

Still, you're thinking: Slam dunk. You can pay that off in no time doing BIGLAW. Not so fast my friends...

I thought I wanted to do the big firm thing in somewhere like Atlanta. But then I thought some more. When I first wanted to get into law, it was to work in a smaller market like my hometown (mid-sized city), and (eventually) be a relative big-shot there, maybe do some politics/community leadership stuff down the road and actually have a life outside of work. I've never really been a big-city guy (not that I couldn't be, though). So at this point, I'm still undecided and value having options.

So what's going on here? UVA gives me (I think) more big-firm options, although I'd likely work in Atlanta where the difference probably isn't that pronounced. (Data on this or suggestions as to how I might find some would be helpful!) UVA probably would give me more options in academia, but that area really never occurred to me until like 3 days ago. But UVA and UGA would be approximately equivalent in small markets, except that UVA might actually prevent me from working there due to loan debt.

Other variables: I've been in Athens four years now. I like Athens. Huge UGA football fan. Lots of friends in undergrad. Sometimes I think it'd be nice not to change. Sometimes, though, I'm glad I'm about to (maybe?) change pace and do something different.

So what am I doing here? What should I be doing? Am I forgetting anything important? I guess in the end, it's my bottom-line subjective decision as to how much I value that $55K. But if anyone has any thoughts that might prove helpful, they'd be much appreciated.

Choosing the Right Law School / Time to apply, but where?
« on: September 04, 2007, 06:25:15 PM »
I'm at Georgia (UGA) undergrad now. Wouldn't mind staying here, especially if I got money (is that reasonable to expect?), but I would consider going somewhere else if the price were right. I've got fee waivers at G'town and W&M, so I'll probably apply to one of those, and to Stanford just for the hell of it. Where else -- ideally in the South or California -- should I think about applying? Note that advice to "apply to all the T14!" like I've seen some places wouldn't be helpful; I don't have any interest in going to Harvard or Yale or the NY schools. I'd just like some suggestions as to whether there's anywhere else I should be thinking about.

I think I'd like to work in Georgia, either in Atlanta or more likely a medium-sized city.

Numbers in signature; resume is decent but undistinguished. White male.

Thanks for your help!

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